Martin Moylan Feature Archive

Officials with the Massachusetts-based company say it faces more than 23,000 product liability claims related to transvaginal surgical mesh products. (09/09/2014)
Union employees at the Pioneer Press paid for an ad in the rival Star Tribune Monday, saying the St. Paul paper needs a new owner. (09/08/2014)
From April through June, various companies revealed plans to invest $241 million in 22 projects. (09/08/2014)
Minnesota's small liquor stores have long fought to limit how and when booze is sold. But those merchants are facing increasingly intense competition from retail heavyweights such as Total Wine and Target. (09/07/2014)
The deal, which requires regulatory approval, comes as the cost of cocoa -- a key ingredient in chocolate -- has been rising. (09/02/2014)
No jobs have been eliminated yet, but Thomson Reuters will likely be outsourcing its internal tech services, affecting 1,000 jobs worldwide. (08/29/2014)
The consumer electronics company's adjusted profit topped Wall Street's view, but revenue fell short. (08/26/2014)
At Medtronic's annual shareholder meeting, the shareholders expressed concern that the deal -- which would merge the company with Ireland-based Covidien, will expose them to hefty capital gains taxes. The $42.9 billion deal would let Medtronic move its legal headquarters for tax purposes from the Twin Cities to Dublin. (08/21/2014)
Target has slashed its annual profit outlook as the retailer continues to reel from a massive data breach, a disappointing expansion in Canada and sluggish sales in the U.S. (08/20/2014)
Consumers are being warned to stop using items that were sold through Best Buy's stores and websites after the products had been subject to safety recalls and could shock users. (07/25/2014)
The maker of Post-it notes, industrial coatings and ceramics posted net income of $1.3 billion, compared with $1.2 billion in the same quarter a year ago. (07/25/2014)
Some big box retailers are wondering what a littler box can do for sales. (07/24/2014)
"Going to college has long been a way for people to try to make a better life for themselves. The schools exploited this dream for some students, who are now saddled with debt," said Attorney General Swanson, in a statement. (07/23/2014)
CEO Stephen Hemsley said the company is planning to increase its participation in state health insurance exchanges it has avoided so far. (07/17/2014)
Radon -- an odorless, colorless gas produced by the decay of uranium and radium found in soil -- is the leading cause of lung cancer in non-smokers. (07/16/2014)