Martin Moylan Feature Archive

A federal bankruptcy judge has ordered the archdiocese and its creditors into mediation, where the parties will attempt to negotiate a settlement. But what will that mean for the church, its creditors and victims? (02/04/2015)
CEO Omar Ishrak said Wednesday that by acquiring Ireland-based Coviden and putting both companies' headquarters in Ireland, Medtronic stands to gain on several fronts. (01/28/2015)
Twin Cities-based Medtronic is expected to officially become an Irish enterprise on Monday. (01/26/2015)
U.S. Bankruptcy Judge Robert Kressel expressed concern about the length and cost of other church bankruptcies and is hoping to encourage a relatively quick and inexpensive settlement. (01/20/2015)
Hundreds of marchers jammed University Avenue and nearby streets for about four hours Monday, as they called for an end to racial profiling, an independent citizen board to review police conduct and bias and cultural awareness training for police officers. (01/19/2015)
Chapter 11 lets the archdiocese reorganize its troubled finances as it confronts clergy sex abuse costs. The archbishop says assets may need to be sold. Critics say bankruptcy won't protect kids. (01/16/2015)
As three clergy sex abuse trials draw near, a bankruptcy filing could be a logical, if painful, next step for the Twin Cities archdiocese. Here's how it could unfold. (01/15/2015)
The closures at the refrigerated baked goods plants reflect tough competition in the packaged foods industry; 500 jobs will be cut. (01/08/2015)
With temperatures plunging to zero or below, Metro Transit riders likely will head for heated shelters and waiting areas. Light rail stations have heated areas, but only some bus shelters do. (01/07/2015)
Twin Cities-based Medtronic says the deal will let it boost investments in the U.S. The company promises to add 1,000 jobs to the 8,000 already in Minnesota. (01/06/2015)
Medtronic will become an Irish company for tax purposes but it's promised to boost investment in the U.S. and keep its operational headquarters in Minnesota. (01/05/2015)
Pre-paid plastic has become a popular tool that is convenient for shoppers and lucrative for merchants. (01/05/2015)
An insurance firm contends it shouldn't have to pay for events that were "not unexpected." (12/30/2014)
Increased competition in the wireless industry has sparked a price war with cell phone companies offering consumers great deals to switch carriers. Many phones are cheaper too. (12/24/2014)
U.S. District Judge Paul Magnuson ruled that the consumers suing Target over last year's data breach can proceed with most of their claims, based on consumer protection laws. (12/18/2014)