Martin Moylan Feature Archive

The 3M Co. is expected to report low-single-digit increases in sales and earnings on Thursday, when the company reveals its second-quarter performance. (07/21/2013)
Once the Green Line light rail cars start running next year between Minneapolis and St. Paul and bring tens of thousands of people past her door on University Avenue, Ni Dao hopes business will be better than ever for her Ha Tien BBQ and Deli. And she's not alone. (07/19/2013)
Shares of St. Jude Medical rose 5 percent to close at $50 Wednesday, as the company reported earnings and revenue that were higher than expected. (07/17/2013)
Medtronic is alerting customers to two problems with its insulin pumps. (07/12/2013)
The Minneapolis-based megabank, which still runs under the Lincoln charter, is marking its 150th anniversary this week. (07/12/2013)
Nearly 20 retailers, including Target and Walmart, have unveiled a plan for improving worker safety in Bangladeshi garment factories. (07/10/2013)
A proposed flour milling joint venture of Cargill, CHS and ConAgra is drawing attention from the federal government. (07/05/2013)
Best Buy shares jumped up 9 percent today to nearly $30. (07/01/2013)
A key economic measure from Creighton University indicates manufacturers in Minnesota continue to expect growth in coming months, but perhaps more slowly than last year. (07/01/2013)
Travel experts say a big fine levied on Delta Air Lines shows that consumers should be familiar with airline bumping rules to protect themselves. Federal regulators recently fined Delta $750,000 for involuntarily bumping passengers from overbooked flights. (06/30/2013)
The fallout builds from revelations that the Southern celebrity chef used racial slurs in the past. Diabetes drug maker Novo Nordisk also joined the companies distancing themselves from her. (06/27/2013)
General Mills' is reporting that quarterly earnings rose 13 percent to $366 million. But the food company lowered its earnings forecast slightly for its coming fiscal year, citing higher costs. (06/26/2013)
Medtronic is warning patients and doctors about several problems with the company's SynchroMed implantable medication pumps. (06/26/2013)
Doctors are reporting a major step toward an "artificial pancreas," a device made by Medtronic that would constantly monitor blood sugar in people with diabetes and automatically supply insulin as needed. (06/24/2013)
A Twin Cities firm that is also a leader in the 3-D printing industry is buying a major competitor. (06/19/2013)