Martin Moylan Feature Archive

Minnesota's medical device industry is welcoming a Food and Drug Administration report saying the agency is speeding up the review of new products. (11/28/2012)
Best Buy seems to have gotten off to a good start to the holiday shopping season. (11/26/2012)
Black Friday deals on TVs, computers and other products drew shoppers into stores as retailers racheted up their holiday sales efforts. Best Buy, Target and other retailers reported that hundreds of shoppers were waiting in line for stores to open Thursday or early Friday. At the Mall of America, about 30,000 people waited for stores to open at 12 a.m. Friday. (11/23/2012)
Shoppers jammed stores once again on Black Friday in pursuit of holiday bargains. But online holiday sales were expected to rise at a much more rapid pace than retail sales overall. (11/23/2012)
Best Buy's share price fell as much as 4 percent after a credit rating downgrade. (11/21/2012)
Best Buy officials had warned investors that its revenue and earnings report would be disappointing. Tuesday's sell-off indicates investors found the actual numbers far more direful than the warning. (11/20/2012)
The retailer says its website has received "unprecedented" traffic Monday but has not gone down. (11/19/2012)
One Minnesota grocery chain says Hostess products are flying off the shelves of stores across the state after the company sought permission from a court to shut down on Friday. (11/18/2012)
Supervalu announced Friday it's freezing pay for some 10,000 salaried and hourly workers as it tries to become more attractive for potential buyers. Union employees are thinking a lot about who might buy all or parts of the grocery store giant and how union-friendly -- or unfriendly -- a corporate buyer might be. (11/16/2012)
AT&T has ramped up the speed of its wireless data network throughout much of the Twin Cities. (11/15/2012)
Best Buy is promising to reverse the consumer electronics chain's slumping sales and falling profits. (11/14/2012)
Best Buy CEO Hubert Joly could be in for a severe grilling on Tuesday as he meets with analysts and investors in New York City. (11/12/2012)
Target will apparently join other retailers in letting shoppers get an even earlier crack at Black Friday bargains. But Best Buy will stick with the same opening hours as last year. (11/11/2012)
Target will join other retailers in letting shoppers get an even earlier crack at Black Friday bargains. (11/09/2012)
3M today lowered its annual sales growth target and pledged to boost spending on research and development. (11/08/2012)