Martin Moylan Feature Archive

An internal audit by the Minnesota Department of Transportation has found several shortcomings in the administration of a program meant to award construction contracts to small businesses owned by women and minorities. (05/31/2013)
New home construction in the Twin Cities is showing continued strength. (05/31/2013)
Target is trying a strategy that's rare among discount retailers -- giving customers advice about how to be beautiful. (05/30/2013)
More than 1,000 full-time members of the Minnesota National Guard will be soon be taking unpaid time off from their jobs. (05/29/2013)
Hispanics are the largest and fastest growing minority group in the U.S. Large retailers like Target are working hard to win the loyalty and purchasing power of those more than 50 million consumers. (05/29/2013)
A local water safety foundation is urging parents and other adults to become water watchdogs this summer. (05/28/2013)
Gas prices in Minnesota are falling after hitting an all-time high last week. Increased supplies are pushing prices down. (05/28/2013)
Gas prices in Minnesota are falling, as more Midwest refineries that had shut down for maintenance resume operations. (05/27/2013)
Minnesota's community banks saw profit and loan growth decline in the first three months of the year. (05/23/2013)
Target's first-quarter profits fell 29 percent, as cool spring weather and worries about the economy curbed shoppers' spending. (05/22/2013)
Best Buy Co. on Tuesday reported a loss in its fiscal first quarter as it sold its stake in Best Buy Europe and works on a turnaround plan that includes cutting costs and closing some stores. (05/21/2013)
Imagine you're accused of illegally downloading a pornographic video. Whether you actually did or not, you now face a demand to pay several thousand dollars to settle the matter. Or you could pay the legal costs of a court battle and have the allegations made public. (05/20/2013)
Target is testing a video streaming service called Target Ticket. The service's website says it provides 15,000 titles, including new releases, classic movies and next-day TV shows. (05/17/2013)
A detention hearing has been postponed again for a man accused in what the FBI has called a thwarted terror plot in western Minnesota. (05/16/2013)
A new lawyer for Tom Petters said the disgraced businessman's prison sentence should be shortened because the original defense lawyer never told Petters about a plea bargain offer. (05/10/2013)