Martin Moylan Feature Archive

On the eve of Thanksgiving, retailers are doing their best to convince tight-fisted consumers to loosen their grip on their wallets. Many big merchants expect lukewarm sales. The Great Recession has taught consumers to be more careful with their spending. (11/27/2013)
The financial performance of Minnesota's 349 community banks improved slightly in the third quarter of this year. (11/25/2013)
Target's third-quarter net income dropped 47 percent, stung by costs related to its expansion into Canada. The discount store operator's stock dropped 3.5 percent today. (11/21/2013)
Best Buy reported net income of $54 million for its most recent quarter, reversing a loss of $10 million a year earlier. (11/19/2013)
Best Buy vows it will be competitive on prices during the holiday season but says that could hurt profits. (11/19/2013)
Federal health officials say defects in some Medtronic devices used in heart procedures could cause serious injury or death. (11/18/2013)
Best Buy's stock has almost quadrupled in price from late December, when some thought the company was doomed. Now Best Buy is looking like a firm that has stopped the death spiral, thanks to what analysts praise as smart moves by management. (11/18/2013)
Pearson bought the Bit-O-Honey brand from Nestle USA in May and plans to move production from Illinois to Minnesota. (11/17/2013)
Wall Street investors hope for solid sales and earnings reports that bode well for the critical holiday shopping season. Investors have become especially bullish about Best Buy and its future prospects. (11/15/2013)
Technology from Little Canada-based St. Jude Medical is giving doctors real-time detailed views of the inside of patients' arteries. The system promises to better guide treatment for patients with coronary artery disease. And the company hopes the technology will result in a billion-dollar boost in revenue. (11/11/2013)
Best Buy is joining other retailers in opening up earlier on Thanksgiving Day this year. (11/08/2013)
Two of the Minnesota's big medical device companies argue a patent dispute before the U.S. Supreme Court Tuesday. (11/05/2013)
Travelers heading to, through or from Los Angeles may have their flights delayed Friday in the wake of a shooting at Los Angeles International Airport. (11/01/2013)
A local manufacturing industry trade group is trying to raise awareness of a program that subsidizes training for new manufacturing workers. (10/26/2013)
A subsidiary of Minnetonka-based UnitedHealth Group will take the leading role in fixing the federal government's health-insurance exchange website which has been plagued by delays, severed connections and other woes that prevented customers from enrolling in health plans. (10/25/2013)