Martin Moylan Feature Archive

A store worker in Myrtle Beach found a handgun filled with eight bullets in the toy aisle. (06/05/2014)
In the wake of gun rights advocates bringing rifles into Target stores in Texas and several other states, the retailer suddenly finds itself in the middle of an apparent battle between them and people who want it to prohibit guns in stores. (06/04/2014)
In the suit filed last week in federal court in Tennessee, Humana charges that Medtronic paid at least $210 million to leading spine surgeons. Humana claims that compensated physicians minimized the dangers and exaggerated the effectiveness of the product. (06/03/2014)
Institutional Shareholder Services on Wednesday targeted those Target board members who serve on the company's audit and corporate responsibility committee after a massive pre-Christmas data breach. (05/28/2014)
Best Buy's financial results Thursday fueled a battle among bullish commentators and bears who saw doom. One Wall Street analyst said the Best Buy's turn-around initiatives were starting to help the bottom line. (05/22/2014)
Target's latest earnings report shows that its net income slid 16 percent from a year ago, to $418 million. More than $200 million in operating losses accounted for the bulk of the decline. In contrast, data breach costs represented a hit of only $18 million. (05/21/2014)
Larry Coss, a controversial businessman who turned a Minnesota company into the nation's leading mobile home lender, had been suffering from lung cancer for about two years, according to an assistant. (05/19/2014)
At the the end of March, 3.8 percent of mortgages on single family Minnesota homes were at least one payment past due. That was down from about 4 and a half percent in the final three months of last year. (05/18/2014)
Based in Coon Rapids, Bayer Interventional is a branch of the German pharmaceutical giant. (05/16/2014)
In an e-mail to employees at Target's headquarters and then public posting of the missive on LinkedIn, Jones said the truth hurts and Target has suffered a lot lately. (05/14/2014)
The new Delta flights, which start Sept. 14, will provide Rochester with direct service to the three largest hub airports in the airline's network. (05/12/2014)
Ten of the stores will become Cub Foods locations. Byerly's will take control of Rainbow stores in Eden Prairie and Woodbury. The six other operations will remain Rainbow stores under new ownership. (05/07/2014)
Among other things, the updated label would include information on, potassium, Vitamin D and how much sugar is added during production. Nutrition values would also be adjusted to reflect the larger portions people typically eat and drink today. (05/06/2014)
Target announced Monday that Chairman, President and CEO Gregg Steinhafel is out nearly five months after the retailer disclosed a credit-card data breach. (05/05/2014)
The state Department of Natural Resources says boaters should slow down on the St. Croix River and some metro-area lakes because of high water levels. And folks should be very wary about falling into the water. (05/04/2014)