Ambar Espinoza Feature Archive

A state audit finds that the Minnesota Department of Natural Resources misspent $300,000 in state money when it helped host a wildlife enforcement officers conference last year. (08/28/2008)
High energy costs have prompted many Minnesotans to turn to alternative sources to heat their homes. Some businesses who sell wood and corn stoves say more customers are demanding their products. (08/28/2008)
I'm not a delegate - or even a Republican - is there any special entertainment for me? (08/22/2008)
A judge in Kandiyohi County has sworn in a jury for the trial of Olga Franco. The jury selection process provided a preview of some of the major issues likely to come up in the trial. (07/31/2008)
Jury selection continues today in the trial of Olga Franco, the woman charged with killing four students after ramming a school bus with a minivan. (07/30/2008)
Jury selection continues today in the trial of Olga Franco, who is accused of crashing a van into a school bus and killing four children in Cottonwood. Six jurors were sworn in during the first day of the trial. (07/29/2008)
A new partnership in Minnesota will make it easier for the owners of hybrid vehicles to convert their cars to plug-in hybrids. (07/16/2008)
This summer, St. Paul will have its own Cirque du Soleil-style production. For more than a decade, Circus Juventas has trained hundreds of young people of all ages each year to do sophisticated acrobatics and choreography. (07/14/2008)
Morrison county officials say they haven't decided yet whether to add extra building security after a recent fatal shooting at the courthouse. (07/09/2008)
The presidential candidates are promoting their economic plans this week. Some small business owners in Minnesota say McCain's plan is superior, but others doubt either candidate will do much to help or hurt small business. (07/08/2008)
Minnesota's tourism industry doesn't appear to be taking a hit from $4 a gallon gas. (07/04/2008)
Native Americans have had to alter traditional ceremonies that involve the drinking of lake and river water. (06/25/2008)
The U.S. Environmental Protection Agency will discuss different cleanup alternatives for a south Minneapolis Superfund site with residents tonight. (06/11/2008)
The department says people can safely eat one meal a month of fish, and then also eat fish from other advisory categories. (06/03/2008)
Bike shops say business is good as commuters tune up their old bike, or buy a new one, and leave behind their cars for bicycle commuting. (05/23/2008)