Ambar Espinoza Feature Archive

Gold'n Plump has settled a federal lawsuit filed by Somali Muslim employees who had alleged the company engaged in religous discrimination. (11/11/2008)
With just four days to go until November 4, we've created an Election Day Survival Guide to answer your voting questions. If you're a college student, and you're wondering where to vote, here are the answers. (10/31/2008)
African immigrants, community leaders, and business people will discuss the concerns of Africans living in rural Minnesota at a summit today in St. Cloud. (10/27/2008)
When the Department of Health said earlier this year that it was safe to eat more Minnesota-caught fish, the decision raised the question: Are Minnesota's lakes and rivers becoming cleaner? Nearly half of the state's waters are listed as impaired. (10/27/2008)
A Mille Lacs tribal court has upheld the removal of Melanie Benjamin as the band's chief executive. A petition calling for Benjamin's removal alleged she used tribal money for personal use. (10/15/2008)
An administrative law judge will review updated rules proposed by the Minnesota Department of Health to evaluate contaminants in groundwater and their health risks at a hearing. (10/10/2008)
The Mille Lacs Band Assembly stands by yesterday's decision to remove Melanie Benjamin as chief executive of the tribe. A petition with supporting Benjamin's removal, outlines several instances where she allegedly used tribal money for personal use. (10/09/2008)
The Mille Lacs Band Assembly removed Melanie Benjamin as its chief executive today citing ethical charges. (10/08/2008)
St. Cloud State University will inaugurate its 22nd president this afternoon. (09/19/2008)
Minnesota counties say local governments can no longer afford to house short term offenders in county jails. They want the state to stop passing the buck to counties. (09/18/2008)
A few Somali parents in Willmar complained that the public schools weren't allowing their Muslim children to step out of class for daily prayer. Today, school officials said they won't change their policy, which allows students to pray during lunch time and between classes. (09/16/2008)
Willmar school district officials and a few Somali parents will meet this morning to discuss concerns over prayer time. (09/16/2008)
For two immigrant brothers, the Calas, the American Dream has come true. (09/15/2008)
Attorneys for several dozen people jailed last week during the Republican National Convention have complained about their treatment in the Ramsey County jail. Sheriff Bob Fletcher defends his department's handling of jailed protesters. (09/09/2008)
The U.S. Environmental Protection Agency will begin testing for asbestos in as many as 50 North Minneapolis homes that underwent a cleanup a couple of years ago. (09/09/2008)