Ambar Espinoza Feature Archive

The St. Cloud City Council has chosen a name for the new Highway 23 bridge over the Mississippi River. The city council picked the name "Granite City Crossing" for the bridge that will replace the DeSoto bridge. (04/21/2009)
Republican Congresswoman Michele Bachmann today described President Obama's proposed carbon emissions cap and trade program as an 'energy tax'. (04/09/2009)
This morning city officials in Fargo and Moorhead want people to keep travel at a minimum. They want to keep streets clear for flood fighting crews and emergency vehicles, especially during the snowstorm that'll make for dangerous driving conditions. These precautions have made for quiet cities on both sides of the Red River. (03/31/2009)
People living through the flood of the Red River in the Fargo-Moorhead area are much more connected than they were during the last big flood in 1997. Kids especially, have found new ways to stay in touch with their family and friends. (03/29/2009)
Many residents in the Oakport Township north of Moorhead are in waiting mode as the river levels continue to fluctuate. The water has been going down, so they're finished sandbagging. Now the focus is on keeping basements dry, conserving water, and staying safe. (03/28/2009)
In a relatively new neighborhood in Moorhead's Oakport Township, there's a pocket of about 40 homes that are nearest the water. This is an area just north of the city of Moorhead along the Red River. City officials have issued a voluntary evacuation order, but residents say they will stay to fight for their homes even if they issue a mandatory one. (03/28/2009)
Flood-fighting efforts in the big cities get lots of attention. But all along the valley, there are thousands of farmers who live on isolated farmsteads. It might seem they're left to fight the flooding all alone. But they say, it's no different than in other major cities. (03/26/2009)
The weather caused some unexpected surprises in cities along the Red River. In Breckenridge, Minnesota low rain levels and mild temperatures helped the city. Ice has been melting and the river has been flowing freely. But that's not the case in every community. (03/25/2009)
Vice President Joe Biden visits St. Cloud today to focus on how the federal stimulus package will help the middle class. He'll get feedback from central Minnesotans at a town hall-style meeting. (03/19/2009)
The new building is located on 52 acres of land near the St. Cloud Regional Airport. It will support six Blackhawk helicopters and six Chinook helicopters. (03/18/2009)
The St. Cloud Regional Airport just finished a nearly $5 million terminal expansion. Airport officials say St. Cloud can now fully serve as a reliever airport to the Minneapolis-St. Paul International Airport. (03/16/2009)
Several hundred people in the south central Minnesota community of Hutchinson are trying to figure out how to land their next job. The city's largest employer, Hutchinson Technology Inc., which makes components for computer hard drives, laid off more than one-third of its workforce company-wide at the beginning of this year. (03/09/2009)
St. Cloud State University already lost $1.6 million when Gov. Pawlenty used his budget-cutting authority late last year. (03/02/2009)
The new division will combine the Waters and Ecological Resources Divisions. (02/24/2009)
Hundreds of people attended the first town hall meetings lawmakers held across the state Thursday night to get suggestions on how to balance the state budget. (02/20/2009)