Lorna Benson Feature Archive

State health experts believe physicians' reluctance to forcefully recommend the vaccine for human papillomavirus -- HPV -- is one reason why vaccinations rates have stalled. The Department will be offering a series of online and in-person information sessions for doctors that will focus on adolescent vaccination. (02/11/2014)
In a statement on the city's website, Golden Valley Mayor Shep Harris said the City will use the time to address residents concerns and educate the community about mental illnesses. (02/08/2014)
The wife of former vice president Walter Mondale, Joan Mondale wasn't shy about stepping out on her own. She leveraged the political prominence of her husband to focus national attention on arts and culture. (02/08/2014)
Research has shown that access to high quality jobs, education and housing are associated with improved health. (02/04/2014)
Major race-based differences are evident in almost every major disease condition in Minnesota. This Saturday the Minnesota Department of Health will deliver a report to the Legislature that underlines policies that routinely provide health advantages to white people while producing chronic disadvantages for people of color. (01/30/2014)
Some Minnesota hospitals are using their electronic medical records to identify patients who might be a fall risk. They also post alerts on patients' doors and give them red socks, so staff members can easily identify vulnerable patients who are walking outside of their rooms. (01/23/2014)
A Minnesota Department of Health report found that health disparities between whites and minorities in part resulted from structural racism, which refers to racism that's built into systems and policies. The report extends beyond health policy, touching on transportation, geography and employment policies, among others. (01/17/2014)
Highly trained nurses are seen as a potentially cost-effective way to extend routine medical care to underserved patients. Nurses with doctoral degrees are trained to diagnose and treat conditions, prescribe drugs, and even lead a primary care practice with some physician oversight. (01/14/2014)
Although the settlement ends a long-running court fight over the department's collection and storage practices, the battle over the state's archiving plan going forward appears to be far from over. (01/13/2014)
New restrictions on potential visitors who think they might have the flu or have been in close contact with someone who is sick are a permanent change that will likely occur each season, and will last until flu is no longer considered a significant threat. (01/09/2014)
The Minnesota Department of Health says the flu is now widespread across Minnesota. (01/02/2014)
High doses of vitamin E may help delay the progression of mild to moderate Alzheimer's disease, according to the findings of a new Department of Veterans Affairs study. (12/31/2013)
Radon gas is dangerous, but in Minnesota a relatively small number of people fix radon problems in their homes. A new real estate disclosure law is an attempt to make the threat of radon more conspicuous. (12/22/2013)
Somali and white children in Minneapolis were about equally likely to be identified with an autism spectrum disorder, new research shows. (12/16/2013)
The Minnesota Department of Health is investigating a possible norovirus outbreak traced to a Brooklyn Park restaurant and banquet facility. (12/12/2013)