Lorna Benson Feature Archive

A stricter lead exposure standard for young children is expected to cause a surge in the number of lead cases that require a public health intervention. The tougher federal standard acknowledges new research showing that even extremely low levels of lead are harmful. (05/29/2012)
Health care workers continue to vote on a new labor contract with eight metro-area hospitals. (05/22/2012)
Researchers say a new screening technique is effective in reducing colorectal cancer cases and fatalities. (05/21/2012)
The number of pertussis cases in Minnesota is surging, approaching 700 cases of the highly-contagious respiratory disease, according to the Minnesota Department of Health. (05/17/2012)
The Minnesota Department of Health says the state is approaching 700 cases of the disease, also known as whooping cough. (05/17/2012)
The U.S. government will invest nearly $8 million dollars to study an Alzheimer's treatment that was pioneered in Minnesota. (05/16/2012)
A new report shows that the portion of Minnesotans who have health insurance has not recovered from losses that occurred during the recession that ended in 2009. (03/06/2012)
McLaughlin is credited with helping create and launch Select Comfort's Sleep Number brand in 2001. (02/28/2012)
Minnesota researchers set up special work stations at a Minneapolis business Tuesday to assess the health benefits of standing rather than sitting at a desk. (01/24/2012)
Advances in diabetes treatment, such as insulin pumps and more accurate glucose monitors, are making it easier for people to manage the disease. But it continues to require a lot of diligence from diabetics and their caregivers. (01/19/2012)
Over the past 15 years, the number of Minnesotans with diabetes has grown so fast that state health officials describe the disease as a juggernaut threatening to overwhelm the state's health care system. As bleak as the numbers are, there is some hope. Researchers at the Mayo Clinic and the University of Minnesota have set out to conquer diabetes within 10 years. (01/17/2012)
The cure for diabetes could come from cells from pigs being raised in germ-free pens in Western Wisconsin or from human skin cells in a lab on the University of Minnesota campus. Those two experiments are part of a joint project launched one year ago by the University of Minnesota and the Mayo Clinic to defeat diabetes within a decade. (01/17/2012)
The University of Minnesota Medical School has sent a cautionary letter to one of its surgeons for violating several conflict of interest disclosure requirements. (12/20/2011)
Public health officials are disappointed with new findings that show there has been no significant change in tobacco usage among teenagers during the past few years. (12/05/2011)
The U.S. Surgeon General is encouraging families to create a written record of their medical histories Thursday during National Family History Day. (11/23/2011)