Lorna Benson Feature Archive

If the registry collects enough ovarian and testicular tumor cases, researchers may be able to diagnose children earlier. (11/21/2011)
The Minnesota Department of Health can no longer store blood samples indefinitely from its newborn screening program or make them available to researchers without parental consent. (11/16/2011)
The Metropolitan Council is joining the state of Minnesota in its lawsuit against 3M Co. seeking damages for alleged environmental consequences tied to its disposal of chemicals once used to make Scotchgard. (11/07/2011)
Minnesota could become the next hub for brain research and treatments if a collaborative effort between researchers at U of M and Norway gains enough support. (11/04/2011)
Minnesota cancer doctors say they're pleased that President Obama has taken steps to address acute drug shortages, which have affected several cancer drugs. (10/31/2011)
It took a decade for researchers to sift through all the studies, and interview more than 6,000 families and children, in their quest to figure out the easiest way to identify the most serious mental health disorders. (10/28/2011)
A day after a new study revealed that flu vaccines are not as effective as once thought, doctors report that their patients are asking questions about the findings. (10/26/2011)
Flu season is here. You've seen vaccination signs everywhere from the drug store to the grocery store. But now you're wondering what to do after hearing the news that the flu vaccine is not as effective as previously thought. If you missed it, a new study out Tuesday found that flu vaccines provide only moderate protection against influenza. (10/26/2011)
A new comprehensive analysis of flu studies concludes that most flu vaccines provide only moderate protection against influenza, and in some years barely make a difference at all. That's contrary to the message given by the heavy promotion and easy access to the vaccine -- that anyone who is immunized will be protected from the flu. (10/25/2011)
A new study shows that Minnesota had more than 4,300 amputations caused by leg artery blockages from 2005 to 2008, resulting in $88 million in hospital costs. (10/20/2011)
Premature babies often experience life-threatening respiratory distress. Children's hospitals in Minnesota participated in a decades-long clinical trial that led to the approval of a drug treatment to help give preemies a better chance to survive, and even thrive. (10/19/2011)
The health department says a woman from Olmsted County contracted a strain of flu that appears to be covered by this year's vaccine. (10/13/2011)
The Metropolitan Council has asked its lawyers to explore legal options against 3M related to millions of dollars in costs of meeting new state requirements for discharging perfluorinated chemicals - which 3M stopped producing in 2002 - from wastewater treatment plants into the environment. (10/12/2011)
Physician reactions are mixed regarding a new recommendation from the U.S. Preventative Task Force not to use a blood test to routinely screen healthy men for prostate cancer. (10/07/2011)
Mental health advocates say the stable rate could be because the state is doing a good job of reaching out to residents in crisis. But they also say suicide is a deeply complicated situation that's rarely explained by just one event. (10/06/2011)