Lorna Benson Feature Archive

Another measles case has been confirmed in Minnesota, bringing the outbreak total to 13 so far. So far no deaths have been associated with the outbreak, but eight people have been hospitalized. (03/29/2011)
The Minnesota Department of Health has confirmed another measles case, bringing the outbreak total to 12 so far. (03/28/2011)
Earlier this week, the governor changed state policy to order more transparency from health plans that receive more than $3 billion a year to manage state-subsidized programs for poor Minnesotans. But the health plans have had remarkably few complaints. (03/25/2011)
The Minnesota Department of Health has confirmed 12 additional deaths, bringing the total this season to 25. (03/24/2011)
Minnesota health plans will now be required to compete against each other to manage state-subsidized health care programs for elderly, disabled and poor Minnesotans. (03/23/2011)
The Minnesota Department of Health has confirmed another measles case in Hennepin County, bringing the outbreak total to 10 so far. (03/23/2011)
The Minnesota Department of Health has identified two more measles cases in Minneapolis, bringing the total number of confirmed cases to six this year. (03/18/2011)
Some stem cell researchers and bio-business leaders are urging lawmakers to kill a proposed bill that would ban human cloning in Minnesota. (03/17/2011)
The University of Minnesota says a bill to ban human cloning, which was introduced this week at the Legislature, is an attack on embryonic stem cell research. (03/16/2011)
Children's Defense Fund Minnesota says more families are struggling to meet basic needs. In its annual Kids Count Data Book released Wednesday, the child advocacy group says 174,000 Minnesota children were living in poverty in 2009. (03/16/2011)
Doctors at the University of Minnesota are experimenting with modified salmonella therapy to treat cancers in the human gut. Fred Oakden was one of the first patients to try the treatment. (03/09/2011)
The risk was highest among current smokers who had smoked a lot over a long period of time. It was also higher among women who began smoking in their teens or before their first full-term pregnancy. (03/02/2011)
Hundreds of Minnesota nurses rallied at the State Capitol Tuesday to draw attention to nursing and the latest anti-union developments out of Wisconsin. (03/01/2011)
The University of Minnesota Amplatz Children's Hospital will open the doors of its brand new facility on Sunday to anyone who wants to peek inside the colorful glass and steel building. (02/25/2011)
Michael Osterholm, a Minnesota infectious disease expert, says the nation hasn't made any significant progress on food safety in a decade, despite what Americans may have heard in recent months. (02/23/2011)