Lorna Benson Feature Archive

Minnesota officials are declaring the state's measles outbreak over. It's been six weeks since the state's last measles case. (06/09/2011)
The high temperatures, which hit the 100-degree mark in the Twin Cities, helped pushed ozone levels up, prompting officials to issue an air pollution health alert through midnight. (06/07/2011)
Minnesota health officials say they are watching closely for any signs of the lethal strain of E. coli that has killed 18 people and sickened more than 1,500 in Europe. (06/02/2011)
Most health services in north Minneapolis are back to normal now after a tornado knocked out power last week. But caregivers still expect to be dealing with the fallout from the storm for months. Residents are facing issues that range from problems getting prescriptions to stress-related illness. (06/01/2011)
In the case of the tornado that hit north Minneapolis on Sunday, residents had at most eight minutes to find shelter after officials activated the first tornado sirens. (05/27/2011)
Disability advocates are urging Gov. Dayton to veto a Health and Human Services Finance bill that makes deep cuts in programs that help disabled people live more independently in the community. They say the provisions would ultimately cost the state far more money than it would save with the reductions. (05/19/2011)
A Mayo Clinic doctor has convinced three medical organizations to rename a rare vascular disorder because its namesake, celebrated German pathologist Dr. Friedrich Wegener, was a Nazi Party member who belonged to a paramilitary organization. (05/18/2011)
Fewer people overall are getting their children vaccinated and diseases once controlled by vaccines are making a comeback. Measles was once almost wiped out in Minnesota, but so far this year 23 cases have been reported -- a third of them among Somalis. (05/10/2011)
The Minnesota Department of Health says a record number of Minnesotans contracted human anaplasmosis from black-legged ticks last year. (05/06/2011)
Staff and patients at the Amplatz Children's Hospital in Minneapolis are preparing for their big move to a new building on Saturday. It's a huge task to move 60 sick and injured children, their medical equipment and the rest of the hospital's contents in a matter of hours. (04/29/2011)
On the same day as a vaccination forum in St. Paul, the Minnesota Department of Health confirmed two more measles cases Wednesday, bringing the state's outbreak total to 23. (04/27/2011)
The Minnesota Department of Health has confirmed another measles case bringing the state's total from the outbreak to 21. (04/21/2011)
The program has served 8,400 children in the last two years, but its funding could be in jeopardy as state legislators debate whether to continue the service. (04/21/2011)
The Minnesota Department of Health is reporting another measles case, bringing confirmed cases in the state to 17 so this year. (04/13/2011)
Parents, doctors and researchers are urging lawmakers to reject proposed restrictions on Minnesota's Newborn Screening program. They would require the state Department of Health to destroy the blood samples that are collected from newborns to identify rare medical disorders that aren't obvious at birth. Right now the blood samples are stored indefinitely, so they can be used for quality control tests or disease research. (04/12/2011)