Lorna Benson Feature Archive

A study finds that the nation's blood supply is vulnerable to a tick-transmitted parasite that is widespread in parts of Minnesota and other states. (09/06/2011)
A new national survey finds that early childhood immunizations have increased in Minnesota for three vaccines. (09/01/2011)
Public health officials are betting that the United States will see the same flu strains that circulated last year. (08/22/2011)
A new cancer therapy that has cured brain tumors in dogs is now being tried in human patients at the University of Minnesota. (08/17/2011)
Regional economists say the probability of another economic downturn is growing, but a lot depends on how businesses and consumers react to the uncertainty in the months ahead. (08/15/2011)
A state-funded program that helps immigrant doctors qualify to practice in Minnesota has become a casualty of the state budget agreement. (08/08/2011)
The University of Minnesota's School of Dentistry has received a major gift from Delta Dental of Minnesota Trust toward its campaign to build the state's first hospital-based pediatric dental clinic. (08/04/2011)
Mayo Clinic researchers have discovered a new bacterium that's likely spread by the deer tick. The flu-like disease it causes can be quite serious in people with weakened immune systems. (08/03/2011)
A coalition of employers is working to improve health outcomes in Minnesota by rewarding doctors who deliver optimal care to their patients. (08/01/2011)
With a new state health and human services budget, it's clear that health plans, hospitals and providers will have less money to serve their patients with publicly-subsidized insurance. (07/29/2011)
The spending agreement is still about a billion dollars short of the forecasted growth in health and human services programs. (07/20/2011)
Emergency departments across Minnesota are bracing for a spike in patients with heat-related illnesses this week. Twin Cities metro area hospitals have already treated numerous patients for dehydration and other ailments brought on by the excessive heat. (07/18/2011)
Republican legislative leaders are in hot water with Minnesota Citizens Concerned for Life after agreeing to drop several abortion and human cloning bans. (07/15/2011)
The Minnesota Department of Health has called back to work a small number of employees in one of its disease units. The workers had been furloughed during the state government shutdown. (07/11/2011)
An air pollution health advisory has been issued for the Twin Cities metropolitan area due to elevated levels of ozone. (07/08/2011)