Lorna Benson Feature Archive

Minnesota State Fair officials say there was a huge attendance spike on Sunday after cooler weather finally swept in. (09/02/2013)
Mayo Clinic researchers are trying to figure out ways to help the elderly and other vulnerable people better survive deadly heat waves. Meanwhile, climate change experts worry about weather trends that could put more people at risk. (08/27/2013)
Minneapolis Public Schools are preparing for a scorcher on the first day of class. The district has 18 public school buildings that do not have any air conditioning. (08/26/2013)
Emergency physicians expect to see an increase in patients with heat-related illnesses this week as hot and humid conditions blanket the region. Children under age 5 and elderly people are among those most vulnerable to heat-related stress. But anyone can succumb to excessive heat, especially if they don't have access to air conditioning or if they're participating in strenuous outdoor activities. (08/25/2013)
Excessive heat is raising the risk of wildfires in Minnesota, and fire officials are urging people to be careful in dry areas. Much of the state is still covered with green vegetation, which reduces the risk of fire, but the landscape can change quickly during a heat wave. (08/24/2013)
Hundreds of thousands of visitors will wander through the animal barns at the Minnesota State Fair over the next 12 days to view some of the state's top farm animals. (08/22/2013)
As many as 300,000 Americans are actually diagnosed with Lyme disease each year. In Minnesota, 1,000 to 1,300 cases are reported - and epidemiologists estimate about 3 to 4 times more people are sickened in the state each year. (08/19/2013)
Minnesota patients are satisfied with the way their medical providers interact with them, but many would like easier access to their doctor, according to a patient experience survey released today. (08/14/2013)
Politicians, government representatives and community members will participate in a ground breaking ceremony Tuesday for a new children's mental health center in north Minneapolis. (08/13/2013)
An elderly man died of encephalitis, the first confirmed fatality connected to the West Nile virus this summer. (08/12/2013)
Today is the last day that farmers can apply for the state's emergency hay harvest on wildlife management areas. (08/09/2013)
Mayo Clinic researchers in Florida say they've identified how chronic inflammation of the pancreas reprograms some cells and makes them more susceptible to cancerous mutations. (08/05/2013)
The Minnesota Department of Health's investigation of Assumption Home found that the facility didn't assess the risks of using a bed rail for a patient suffering from dementia. The patient died of asphyxiation after becoming lodged between the bed's mattress and rail. (07/24/2013)
The shortage of bone marrow donors is so acute that last year only about half of the 12,000 patients requesting a donor received one. A key problem is that doctors find it hard to convince younger people -- whose blood cells are better able to fight cancer -- to join the registry of donors. (07/24/2013)
The illnesses occurred in young adults who reported swimming and boating in the Big Island area of the lake on July 4. One person was hospitalized and has since recovered. (07/19/2013)