Stephanie Hemphill Feature Archive

The Minnesota Department of Health has reported the first flu-related death of the season. (12/20/2012)
Legislators are making plans for the start of the 2013 session, and some environmental issues will get a lot of attention. (12/20/2012)
The creek north of Excelsior Boulevard was straightened to allow for development, and now the plan is to rebuild its natural curves and environmental potential. (12/19/2012)
Xcel Energy customers will pay more on their electric bill starting in January. It's an interim rate increase pending a final decision next fall. (12/14/2012)
Top state officials have declined to approve the sale of 31 leases to explore for minerals, pending the results of a court case. (12/07/2012)
State leaders have decided to hold off on awarding a package of mineral rights leases recommended by the Department of Natural Resources. (12/06/2012)
Several environmental and conservation groups are suing the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency over air pollution in Voyageurs National Park and Isle Royale. (12/05/2012)
A petition to conduct an environmental review on mineral lease sales has been rejected by the Minnesota Department of Natural Resources. (11/29/2012)
Minnesota needs to do a better job of managing its groundwater resources -- that was the consensus at a forum held Thursday by the non-profit group, Environmental Initiative. (11/29/2012)
Lakes and rivers that cannot sustain wild rice beds due to pollution will be added to a list compiled by the Minnesota Pollution Control Agency. (11/28/2012)
The White Bear Lake Restoration Association is suing the DNR over lake levels, saying that nearby cities were allowed to pump too much water from the aquifer underlying the lake. (11/27/2012)
About 300 companies around Minnesota face a permanent rule requiring them to report their greenhouse gas emissions. (11/26/2012)
The Citizens Board of the Minnesota Pollution Control Agency will get an update Tuesday on research under way to determine if the state should change its standard for sulfate in wild rice waters. (11/25/2012)
A Bloomington entrepreneur is recruiting volunteers and inventors to visit his real estate dream — a former lighthouse off the coast of North Carolina. (11/21/2012)
The state is organizing a series of forums to give citizens the chance to share with top officials their priorities regarding the environment. (11/20/2012)