Stephanie Hemphill Feature Archive

Frac sand mining industry representatives met with Gov. Mark Dayton Thursday over legislative attempts to limit mining. (05/09/2013)
About 50 people from southeastern Minnesota gathered at the state Capitol Tuesday to sway legislators to require frac sand mines be located at least a mile away from trout streams and related waters. (05/07/2013)
Minnesota utilities already are replacing coal-fired power plants with windmills, prompted by the state's landmark 2007 Next Generation Energy Act. Now, state legislators have introduced bills in the House and Senate that would increase the use of solar systems in homes and businesses. (05/06/2013)
The Minnesota Senate Finance Committee rejected a plan Tuesday to protect trout streams in southeastern Minnesota from potential impacts from proposed frac sand mining. (04/30/2013)
Over Republican objections, the Minnesota House voted Thursday night to increase fees for water use. (04/18/2013)
The South Kawishiwi River, which flows through the Boundary Waters Canoe Area Wilderness in northern Minnesota, is sixth on American Rivers' list of America's Most Endangered Rivers of 2013. (The Daily Circuit, 04/17/2013)
Researchers at the University of Minnesota told Iron Range workers to protect themselves from taconite dust, despite a new study that was unable to prove that exposure to the dust causes the rare cancer mesothelioma. The study linked time spent working in the taconite industry to a higher risk of mesothelioma but stopped short of pinpointing its cause. (04/12/2013)
University of Minnesota researchers on Friday release findings of their study into possible links between asbestos exposure in taconite mines on the Iron Range and a deadly lung disease called mesothelioma. The suspicion of such a link has been around for decades. Here is a timeline of developments in the investigation of mesothelioma and its relationship to taconite mining. (04/12/2013)
Researchers today will visit the Iron Range to share findings of their study into possible links between asbestos exposure in taconite mines and the deadly lung disease, mesothelioma. More than 80 former miners have died from the rare cancer. For more than five years, researchers have been trying to determine whether exposure to dust in the mines and processing plants makes workers more vulnerable -- not only to mesothelioma but to other respiratory diseases. (04/12/2013)
Researchers say they have found little evidence of bighead and silver carp in the Mississippi and St. Croix rivers. (04/04/2013)
A bill that would impose a production tax on silica sand moved ahead in the Legislature Wednesday evening. (04/03/2013)
A three-judge appeals court heard oral arguments Wednesday on a lawsuit over the DNR's planning for last year's wolf hunt. Two groups environmental groups argue the agency did not follow procedures required in law as it organized the first-ever regulated wolf hunt. (04/03/2013)
The argument over whether the state Department of Natural Resources rushed too fast into a wolf hunting and trapping season gets a court hearing Wednesday. (04/03/2013)
A series of public meetings on the water supply for the northeast Twin Cities area will begin on Thursday. (04/01/2013)
The Department of Natural Resources is looking for a few good frog counters. The agency is recruiting people to help survey the state's frog and toad populations. (03/30/2013)