Stephanie Hemphill Feature Archive

Just two days before the Minnesota Department of Natural Resources takes over management of the wolf, it has announced more details about the states planned wolf hunt. (01/26/2012)
The former Marathon Oil refinery in St. Paul Park has paid a $700,000 penalty for releasing benzene into an unlined lagoon adjacent to the Mississippi River. (01/19/2012)
Federal officials in St. Paul today announced a collaboration to encourage farmers to address pollution problems in local waters. However, both farmers and environmental activists are cautious about how the new program could work. (01/17/2012)
Another 500 lakes and river stretches are added to to Minnesota's list of impaired waters. (01/13/2012)
An early decision in a legal fight over environmental pollution is a significant victory for 3M says the company, but Minnesota disputes that. (01/10/2012)
Nature performs many important functions that benefit humans -- not just offering beauty but cleaning water, taming floods and pollinating crops. Some researchers think it's time to put a dollar value on those natural processes. (01/03/2012)
Palmquist has taken school kids and families on nature hikes, helped them plant trees and make maple syrup, and generally imparted his enthusiasm for nature to more than 400,000 visitors over the years. (01/02/2012)
St. Louis County Sheriff Ross Litman says the county jail gave proper care to a shooting suspect who died in custody, despite claims from the suspect's family that jail staff had ignored his medical needs. (12/29/2011)
The lack of snow in most parts of Minnesota is creating unusually dangerous wildfire conditions. (12/27/2011)
A new study says lakes in urban areas absorb as much as four-times as much mercury as lakes in remote areas. (12/22/2011)
The Obama administration is taking gray wolves in the western Great Lakes region off the federal endangered species list. The Minnesota Department of Natural Resources already is laying plans for a hunting season on wolves. (12/21/2011)
Susan Thornton is out as the director of the Legislative-Citizens Commission on Minnesota Resources, (12/20/2011)
The Minnesota Pollution Control Agency has issued a request-for-proposals for scientists to study the effects of sulfate pollution on the state's wild rice. (12/17/2011)
An initiative by a University of Minnesota professor aims to teach businesses and government agencies how to encourage consumer behavior that's good for the environment. (12/14/2011)
The Minnesota Pollution Control Agency plans to issue a new permit that would raise the levels of air pollution allowed from a North Minneapolis plant. (12/14/2011)