Marisa Helms Feature Archive

The College of St. Catherine in St. Paul is celebrating its 100th birthday Wednesday. (01/05/2005)
The vote was prompted by a recent circuit court ruling in Pennsylvania saying colleges could deny recruiters access to campus without fear of losing federal funding. But, for now, Hamline's doors remain open to recruiters. (12/14/2004)
An FCC hearing is part of a nationwide tour by the two Democrats on the commission. They were the lone dissenters on the FCC ruling last year that increased the number of media outlets that a single company could own. (12/09/2004)
Mexico plans to open up a consulate in St. Paul sometime in early next year. City, state and Mexican officials made the announcement on Tuesday at the proposed site of the consulate on St. Paul's East Side. They hailed the structure as a new era in Mexico-Minnesota relations. (11/30/2004)
The shooting deaths of six hunters in northwestern Wisconsin this week has prompted a complex set of reactions - perhaps nowhere more than in the Twin Cities Hmong community. The alleged shooter - Chai Vang - is a Hmong immigrant who lives in St. Paul. When the first reports of the incident came out, local Hmong leaders cautioned against making Vang's ethnicity an issue. But officials have since released Vang's statement in which he claims he fired on the other hunters after they taunted him with racial slurs and shot at him first. That version of events has diminished hopes of dismissing racial aspects of the case and its impact. (11/25/2004)
Chai Vang remains a bit of a mystery, to many in the Hmong community, and even to his neighbors. They say they've never met Vang, and rarely even spoke to him or saw him. Even though the killings of six hunters took place over 100 miles away, some of the neighbors point to the killing as an example of how the neighborhood has gone downhill. Others wonder if the shootings could have been prevented if they had reached out more to Vang and his family. (11/24/2004)
A Minnesota Citizens League report on higher education in Minnesota released Tuesday says the state is ill-prepared to handle the changing and expanding demographics of low income, immigrant and minority students. The report urges state leaders to make short and long term reforms to ensure Minnesota maintains its high quality of life by investing in a highly educated workforce. (11/09/2004)
Young Minnesota voters turned out in big numbers on Election Day. Exit polls show 59 percent of the state's 18-29 year olds voted for Democrat John Kerry and that may have made a difference in Kerry's success in Minnesota. (11/03/2004)
This could be a good year for getting young voters in Minnesota to turn out to the polls. Partisan and non-partisan "Get out the Vote" groups have set up shop in Minnesota with peer group campaigning targeted at 18- to 24-year-olds. (10/22/2004)
The Board of Trustees for the Minnesota State Colleges and Universities system voted Wednesday to support a $1.3 billion legislative budget request that includes $67 million in new spending. The budget plan assumes a 4 percent tuition increase for each of the next two years. But students say they've had enough of tuition increases, and they asked for a freeze. (10/20/2004)
On college campuses across Minnesota, much of the political focus has been on the presidential election. That race may be overshadowing student awareness of another big contest this year -- every seat in the Minnesota House of Representatives is up for grabs. During a student-sponsored debate Tuesday night at the University of Minnesota, House leaders gave about 70 students a taste of the priorities for state Republicans and DFLers this election season. (10/13/2004)
If you've got a living room and a few dozen friends with a few bucks, then you can turn your house into a jazz club. That's what a budding group of jazz fans and musicians are doing in the Twin Cities. (10/08/2004)
Energy prices are up. A gallon of gas is hovering around $2, and projections are that natural gas is going to be much more expensive this winter. The high cost of energy is leading many people to look toward alternative sources of energy. Some businesses in St. Paul are looking into solar energy. But there are obstacles to making solar an affordable option for everybody. (10/06/2004)
Minnesota's public colleges and universities are preparing to do battle on their next budget requests. Both the University of Minnesota and the Minnesota State Colleges and Universities systems say they're going to ask for less money than in years past. But there's still no guarntee they'll get everything they want. (10/05/2004)
Students from around the world are finding it increasingly difficult to study in the United States. To reverse the trend, a Minnesota senator would like to make it easier to get student visas. (09/28/2004)