Marisa Helms Feature Archive

St. Paul Mayor Randy Kelly got some bad news on Friday. A Pioneer Press poll shows him trailing challenger Chris Coleman by 33 percentage points. (10/28/2005)
St. Paul Mayor Randy Kelly is asking voters this election year to judge him on his record. One of the biggest accomplishments he's touting is a recently completed goal to create 5,000 new housing units in the city. (10/28/2005)
Methamphetamine isn't just a rural issue anymore. St. Paul police are looking at meth-related crimes as one of the main reasons the city has seen a 13 percent increase in violent crime for the first half of this year. (10/16/2005)
The two candidates for St. Paul mayor each tried to persuade St. Paul's business leaders that they're the most business-friendly candidate. (10/11/2005)
Former Democratic presidential candidate John Kerry visited St. Paul Monday, to campaign for mayoral candidate Chris Coleman. Some say it's political payback for Kerry, since incumbent Mayor Randy Kelly endorsed President Bush in the last election. (10/10/2005)
The start of the Minnesota Wild season on Wednesday is good news for area businesses. Last year's lockout meant big losses and layoffs for many bars and restaurants. (10/03/2005)
Now that St. Paul voters have chosen Chris Coleman and Mayor Randy Kelly to face off in the general election in November, observers say one of the hottest questions in the race will be who's the better Democrat. (09/19/2005)
St. Paul primary voters signaled St. Paul Mayor Randy Kelly faces a very tough re-election campaign. Kelly advanced to the general election, but voters chose DFL-endorsed candidate Chris Coleman over the incumbent by nearly a 2-1 margin. (09/14/2005)
St. Paul property owners are facing tax increases in the coming years, no matter who wins the mayoral election in November. Incumbent Randy Kelly and his two main challengers all say they would look at raising property taxes to pay for city services. (09/08/2005)
Challengers to Mayor Randy Kelly point to the city's increasing crime rate as proof that St. Paul is headed in the wrong direction. (09/01/2005)
When you put a coin into a machine from the 1800s, you hear the same tune somebody else heard over a 100 years ago. Not a reproduction, but the exact music from the exact instrument. A group of local collectors hope a new film about mechanical music boxes will attract more enthusiasts into the fold. (06/10/2005)
The city of St. Paul has had a law on the books for more than a decade to encourage minority and women-owned businesses to work on city-financed projects. Some minority businesses say they aren't getting fair access to lucrative city contracts, and the numbers seem to bear that out. (06/08/2005)
St. Paul officials are hailing the U.S. Postal Service decision to leave its downtown St. Paul facility and move the operation to the suburbs. (06/07/2005)
Organizers of a party on Selby Avenue in St. Paul say they want to celebrate life on the avenue and call attention to the revitalization of Selby. In the past decade, the street has become a safer place to live, and a destination for shoppers and diners. (05/20/2005)
A Board of Regents hearing on Monday was the first -- and only -- chance for public testimony about the U's plan to close the General College. (05/16/2005)