Marisa Helms Feature Archive

A massive project proposed for St. Paul's riverfront across from downtown won a zoning vote. (10/13/2006)
There are no laws specifically outlawing their sale in St. Paul, but critics say cigarette "loosies" take advantage of young kids and poor people. (10/11/2006)
While bigger, locally-based breweries like Hamm's, Stroh's and Grain Belt have faded into history, Summit's profits have grown steadily every year since it opened in 1986. (09/29/2006)
The careers of former St. Paul police chief Bill Finney and Ramsey County Sheriff Bob Fletcher share many similarities. Now the two are rivals in the non-partisan race to be Ramsey County sheriff. (09/26/2006)
The Saint Paul City Council is scheduled to vote Wednesday on how much the city can tax property owners next year. Elected officials agree the city should spend more on additional cops, but they don't agree on how many are enough. (09/12/2006)
Last spring, St. Paul police noticed a problem in the city: There was a spike in juvenile crime. So they beefed up a program that's worked in the past. Active enforcement of the city's curfew law designed to keep kids off the street at night. Police Chief John Harrington says it's working. (08/30/2006)
St. Paul developer Jerry Trooien announced today he has submitted the city paperwork for his huge Bridges of St. Paul project. St. Paul officials have criticized Trooien for moving too far ahead with the housing, entertainment and hotel project without the city approvals he needs. Trooien's dream needs to overcome opposition from the project's neighbors and skepticism in city hall. (08/24/2006)
A group of St. Paul residents say crime in their neighborhood has been getting worse over the past few years and they want the police to do something about it. They're holding a rally on St. Paul's east side to urge the mayor and city council to hire more police officers. (08/15/2006)
St. Paul Mayor Chris Coleman on Wednesday proposed to raise the city's property tax levy by 8.5 percent over last year. The mayor says raising taxes is necessary to plug a nearly $17 million budget deficit. (08/02/2006)
Now that St. Paul bar owners have given up their attempts to repeal the city's smoking ban, they say they want help to make the ban work. They also say they need the city's help to get back business they've lost because of the ban. To do that, they need to create special places for smokers. (07/13/2006)
For some, bicycles are not just a recreational pasttime or a way to commute and save money on gas. No, for some, bikes are an obsession, a lifestyle, and an art form. You can see some of that art in the Bicycle Film Festival, which rolled into Minneapolis Thursday night <thursday> and continues until Saturday. (07/07/2006)
Gas prices in the Twin Cities metro area hit a high of $3.09 per gallon Thursday, according to the Web site It seems higher gas prices are driving some commuters to find other ways to get around. (07/07/2006)
Mexico will elect a new president Sunday, and for the first time ever, Mexicans living outside of the country can vote absentee. But it looks as if very few Mexicans in Minnesota and the U.S. took advantage of their right to vote in their home country. (06/30/2006)
The Metropolitan Council has chosen light rail as the preferred transit mode to link the downtowns of St, Paul and Minneapolis. The council voted 15-2 Wednesday, after a short debate over the growing cost of the project. (06/29/2006)
For the first time in a decade, Congress is taking up a massive telecommunications bill. One of its provisions would make it easier for telephone companies to offer subscription television service to cable customers. (06/27/2006)