Marisa Helms Feature Archive

For decades, Nick Mancini's restaurant has been a favored spot for politicians and the working people of St. Paul. (06/05/2007)
One of St. Paul's most horrific crimes in recent years remains unsolved, and feelings are still raw in the community where it happened. (06/01/2007)
St. Paul Mayor Chris Coleman says the governor won't have to face any of the tough decisions his veto will force city officials to confront, such as laying off police officers. (05/29/2007)
The Ford Motor Co. is selling its hydro power plant in St. Paul to a Canadian company, bypassing several local bidders. (05/29/2007)
The first class of this year's recruits has graduated from St. Paul's Police Academy. One aspect of a police officer's life they're preparing for is the emotional stress of facing physical danger and possibly using deadly force every day. (05/25/2007)
If Minnesotans were dying from something every year at a higher rate than homicide, AIDS, and DWI combined, one might think state policy makers would be doing everything they could to prevent it. (05/07/2007)
In what some are calling a landmark step, Gov. Tim Pawlenty and lawmakers in the House and Senate are working on a plan to directly address mental health needs of more than 150,000 Minnesotans. (04/20/2007)
The operator of the Minneapolis-St. Paul International Airport on Monday approved tougher penalties for cabdrivers who refuse service to travelers carrying alcohol, as some Muslim drivers have done for religious reasons. (04/16/2007)
Longtime St. Paul School Board member Al Oertwig says allegations that he viewed pornography on a library computer are completely false. (04/12/2007)
The Republican National Convention in St. Paul is 18 months away, but planning is starting to ramp up. Two national Republican party officials came to St. Paul on Thursday to meet with Twin Cities media and look for office space and housing. (04/12/2007)
Recruits in the St. Paul police academy are learning the physical and mental challenges of police work. (04/05/2007)
St. Paul police officials say they're working hard to solve the triple homicide in St. Paul last Friday. More than 100 neighborhood residents attended a meeting Wednesday night with police and city officials to discuss the case, and how to move forward as a neighborhood. (03/29/2007)
The audit comes in the wake of deteriorating labor management relations, and a union vote of no confidence against Chief Doug Holton. (03/21/2007)
Right down to the arena thermostat setting, planning for next year's Republican National Convention is occurring with painstaking detail and the pace of preparations is about to pick up. (03/05/2007)
A public hearing convened Tuesday by the Metropolitan Airports Commission made it clear that a proposed ordinance to revoke licenses of some airport cabbies is a delicate matter with many sides saying they're not being treated fairly. (02/28/2007)