Dan Gunderson Feature Archive

Gardeners shopping for plants this spring at Bachman's nurseries will find some new signs in the soil. The company will begin telling customers which of its plants are safe for bees. (04/18/2014)
Given its low unemployment and growing business diversity, the Fargo area has a healthy economy, Minneapolis Fed President Narayana Kocherlakota said. (04/15/2014)
Authorities in northwestern Minnesota say a sheriff's deputy has been shot during a traffic stop. (04/15/2014)
The increased frequency of crude oil shipments on the railroads risk more accidents like the explosion that occurred west of Fargo in December, the senator said. (04/14/2014)
Restrictions on open burning take effect Monday across a swath of central Minnesota. (04/13/2014)
Founded last year, Northern Woolen Mills is finding markets for its yarn from the U.S. textile industry to Minnesota regional fiber artists excited to find a locally made product. (04/03/2014)
Bills to restrict drone use -- from a broad ban on the use of unmanned aircraft, to specific restrictions on law enforcement use -- and provide privacy protection have stalled in committee. Key lawmakers say they're already looking ahead to next year. (04/01/2014)
People are aware of invasive species laws, but take shortcuts and make excuses, said Rodmen Smith, assistant director of the DNR's enforcement division. (03/28/2014)
Train delays have been chronic all winter across the Midwest. BNSF blames delays on winter weather and significant increases in rail traffic hauling containers, trucks, coal and crude oil from the booming Bakken oil fields in western North Dakota. (03/26/2014)
The Minnesota Department of Agriculture says the voluntary recall by Parkers Farm of Coon Rapids includes peanut butter, cheese, salsa and spreads. (03/23/2014)
The North Dakota State University men's basketball team goes for a second win tonight in the NCAA tournament. (03/22/2014)
Bloomington based HealthPartners is notifying health plan members about a privacy breach. (03/22/2014)
Fargo businessman and eight-year city commission member Brad Wimmer says he can do a better job leading a rapidly growing city. (03/20/2014)
Peterson, who represents Minnesota's 7th District, which runs along the western side of the state from the Canadian border nearly to Iowa, said he has unfinished business in Washington. He said he wants two more years to oversee implementation of the new farm bill. (03/17/2014)
More loads of volatile North Dakota crude oil are moving over rails, prompting new safety efforts. In Perham, Minn., trains have derailed four times since 1992. Given the never-ending rail traffic that goes through town, local officials fear that it will happen again, with dangerous results. (03/12/2014)