Dan Gunderson Feature Archive

More than 100 train crossings in Minnesota require safety improvements, according to a study of oil train routes. State officials identified more than $300 million in rail crossing safety projects. (12/31/2014)
Some experts say rail delays could return in early 2015 if farmers ship much of last year's bumper crop stored because grain prices were low. (12/24/2014)
Botlink is working on an app that uses the GPS location of drones, and the electronic signatures of commercial aircraft to prevent collisions. (12/23/2014)
Bakken oil producers have spent millions on new technology to bring out the crude, so a price drop isn't likely to scare them off, observers say. (12/09/2014)
Dennis Walaker, who died Tuesday after battling kidney cancer, was lauded for his efforts during 2009 floods. Deputy Mayor Tim Mahoney will take over until a special election can be held. (12/03/2014)
When its $27 million expansion is completed next fall, the Grand Forks mill will be the largest operation in the country and rank 6th among flour milling companies. (11/26/2014)
Five members of a Kurdish family arrived in Fargo Thursday night and joined a growing Kurdish community in Fargo-Moorhead. (11/21/2014)
The Canadian company runs hundreds of miles of pipeline in Minnesota and wants to build more. Its spill history is worrisome but Enbridge says it has learned from its errors. (11/20/2014)
A federal task force found American Indian children suffer from post-traumatic stress at the same rate as veterans of Iraq and Afghanistan. (11/18/2014)
South Dakota-based Midcontinent Communications plans to offer gigabit Internet service to 600,000 homes and 55,000 businesses in the Upper Midwest communities it serves. (11/17/2014)
The Cass County Sheriff's office said two trains traveling at very low speeds have derailed in rural Casselton. Two trains derailed outside Casselton last year. (11/14/2014)
Minnesota's agricultural exporters are having a hard time moving their products to the international market. Labor contract disputes at West Coast seaports and railroad congestion have slowed shipping. (11/13/2014)
The resignation comes after a review found that police department discipline policies were causing low morale. (11/10/2014)
Delays in coal deliveries have cut plant operations and that means consumers pay more for electricity, local utilities say. (11/04/2014)
Drivers spend more than 90 hours a day waiting for trains on just one Moorhead street. Officials have fixes in mind but don't yet know how to pay for them. (10/29/2014)