Dan Gunderson Feature Archive

As Minnesota lawmakers wrestle to close a budget deficit of $1.1 billion, North Dakota Gov. Jack Dalrymple wants to increase state spending by 18 percent over the next two years. (12/05/2012)
The University of North Dakota in Grand Forks is setting up a program to train foreign students to fly unmanned aircraft. (12/02/2012)
Locked-out union workers at American Crystal Sugar have again rejected the company's contract offer. (12/02/2012)
Locked out union workers at American Crystal Sugar will vote Saturday on a contract proposal they have already rejected three times. (11/30/2012)
Fargo-Moorhead churches are taking the initiative to help shelter a growing number of homeless people in the community. (11/29/2012)
The Minnesota Department of Natural Resources says a second round of testing indicates migrating pelicans picked up oil spill contaminants in the Gulf of Mexico. (11/28/2012)
The price for your holiday turkey is a few cents a pound more this year than it was last year. But livestock producers say the modest increases at the grocery story don't reflect the rapidly rising cost of raising that turkey. (11/21/2012)
In the first effort of its kind in the nation, a University of North Dakota research committee will examine the ethics of using unmanned aircraft. (11/21/2012)
A new report offers recommendations designed to strengthen wetland protection efforts in Minnesota. (11/17/2012)
A survey of homelessness in North Dakota shows the number of homeless people far exceeds the ability to provide shelter. (11/15/2012)
Two top Teamsters Union officials in Minnesota are under investigation for financial impropriety. (11/13/2012)
The Minnesota Supreme Court will consider the constitutionality of a law designed to protect the victims of domestic abuse. (11/09/2012)
Hundreds of workers in our region are losing their jobs as wind turbine manufacturers cut production. The federal tax credit that subsidizes wind energy is set to expire at the end of the year, and political uncertainty is putting the brakes on the wind industry. (11/06/2012)
A federal judge says genetically modified crops can be planted on national wildlife refuges in the Midwest. (10/24/2012)
The Minnesota Department of Natural Resources says zebra mussels are still alive in two lakes treated with chemicals designed to kill the invasive species. (10/24/2012)