Jon Gordon Feature Archive

Future Tense's Jon Gordon talks with analyst Michael Cherry about how Microsoft will be affected by Google's proposed new operating system. (07/08/2009)
President Obama is promising to use the Web site to track spending under the economic stimulus bill passed by the U.S. House and being considered by the Senate. But that site hasn't been built yet. Until then, you can follow requests for stimulus money coming from local governments on Stimulus Watch. The new site relies on public contributions - a process sometimes called "crowdsourcing" - to help monitor stimulus spending. (02/06/2009)
People who depend on their wireless Blackberry devices may have felt uncomfortably "out-of-the-loop" today. (02/11/2008)
After two years of on-and-off talks and speculation, Microsoft offers to buy Yahoo for $31 per share, or $44.6 billion. (02/01/2008)
Mobile phone text messaging has spawned a lexicon of its own. These tools have also led to ever-shorter communiques. Future Tense host Jon Gordon considers how this style of communication affects the English language. (09/05/2007)
How safe are electronic medical records? Future Tense host Jon Gordon has discovered that detailed, personally identifiable medical records of thousands of Colorado residents were viewable on a publicly accessible Internet site for an unknown period of time. (05/23/2007)
Daylight saving time arrives earlier this year, on March 11. And experts say that could mean trouble from everything to stock trades to airline schedules, from voice mail to Microsoft Outlook. (02/15/2007)
The Twins' surge at the end of the regular season, giving them the A.L. Central Division championship, didn't last through the first round of the playoffs. (10/06/2006)
Although it's making headlines now, workplace spying is quite common -- and usually legal. (10/02/2006)