Erin Galbally Feature Archive

Minnesota's handgun laws could undergo significant change this year. If passed the Personal Protection Bill would streamline the process for obtaining a permit to carry a concealed weapon. (03/17/2003)
Minnesota's education commissioner hosted the first in a series of public meetings on proposed changes to K-12 academic standards Thursday night in Winona. If approved by lawmakers this session, the new standards will replace the current Profile of Learning. (03/14/2003)
Nanotechnology uses components built at the molecular level to improve everyday products. So far here in Minnesota, the nanotech revolution is off to a slow start. But one small southeastern Minnesota town is betting big on nanotechnology. (03/11/2003)
A brief timeline of the Prairie Island power plant. (02/07/2003)
Xcel Energy says its Prairie Island nuclear power plant needs more dry cask storage for spent nuclear fuel, or it will close by 2007. It's a controversial proposal. Xcel officials must convince lawmakers and the neighboring Prairie Island Indian Community to agree to the extra storage. On Prairie Island, leaders say cooperation will come at a price. (02/06/2003)
A state-of-the-art recording studio rolled into the parking lot of Winona Senior High School this week. It's known as the John Lennon Song Writing Contest Educational Tour Bus. It's designed to give young musicians the chance to record original work. In Winona eight high schoolers crammed into the back of the bus to record a song written by one of their own. (01/31/2003)
Last fall Olmsted County launched Somali Meals on Wheels. The Rochester-based program is a spin-off of the traditional Meals on Wheels program, which provides free lunch for those who meet state and federal qualifications. The Olmsted program is believed to be the only one of its kind in the nation. (01/22/2003)
Interested groups from around the state are meeting to discuss possible legislative changes to try to manage the spread of chronic wasting disease. Experts hope to present proposed policy changes to the state Legislature this session. (01/08/2003)
Xcel Energy says it may have to close down its Prairie Island nuclear plant if it doesn't get more storage space for nuclear waste. While Xcel has not officially asked for more storage many observers say its almost inevitable that it will be part of the upcoming legislative session. (12/18/2002)
In Rochester, Mayo Clinic staff are currently working on what they believe may be a new safer smallpox vaccination. They are the only researchers in the US conducting tests on humans. (12/13/2002)
Small towns across greater Minnesota cashed in on a boom in high-paying manufacturing jobs gained in the years between 1991 and 2000. But the manufacturing sector has been hit the hardest in Minnesota by the recession. For workers in out-state Minnesota and their communities plant closings and layoffs can be devastating. (11/25/2002)
State wildlife officials have embarked on a different kind of hunt this deer season. They're not wearing blaze orange. Instead they're wearing lab coats and protective eyewear. It's all part of an intricate plan to determine whether or not chronic wasting disease has invaded Minnesota's deer population. (11/18/2002)
Definitions of some of the terms used in discussions over chronic wasting disease. (11/18/2002)
Red Wing teachers are on strike. Mediation with district officals broke down last night. The two sides are deadlocked over health insurance benefits and salaries. Teachers have been working without a contract for more than 15 months. Now as teachers take to the picket line for the first time in district history, four other unions affiliated with the local public schools are also contemplating a walk-out. (10/22/2002)
Minnesota's new State Senate District 30 cuts a jagged path across Olmsted County. For the first time in decades, its boundaries hold both the Mayo Clinic and miles of rolling farmland. It's an area best known in political circles for its homebred allegiance to the GOP. But because of changes in the Independence Party this election year, Senate District 30 is up for grabs. (10/22/2002)