Erin Galbally Feature Archive

Several reports indicate the 16-year-old boy who killed nine people and himself earlier this week on the Red Lake Indian reservation was suffering from depression. But in Minnesota, a severe shortage of child psychiatrists means patients typically wait months for treatment. (03/25/2005)
While it's tough to find anyone who opposes the idea of having clean water, the question of how much people should pay for it is a little more controversial. The state of Minnesota is considering what's called the Clean Water Legacy Act. It would impose fees on homeowners and businesses to pay for cleaning up the states water supply. But some people say while they support the concept they don't like the fee structure. (03/21/2005)
DNA testing is the biggest thing to hit law enforcement since fingerprinting. The public is familiar with it through television shows like "CSI." But unlike TV, where cases are solved in minutes, real DNA testing can takes weeks or even months. As a result, forensic labs around the country face significant backlogs. (03/11/2005)
A 24-year-old Army sergeant from the small Mississippi River community of Fountain City, Wisconsin, was killed in a car bomb explosion in Iraq on Monday. Andrew Bossert is the 35th Wisconsin soldier killed in the U.S.-led war. (03/09/2005)
Iowa isn't having much luck keeping twentysomethings in the state. In fact more young people are leaving Iowa then just about anywhere in the country, except North Dakota. Iowa lawmakers recently debated and abandoned a plan to exempt people under 30 from paying state incomes taxes. In small Iowa towns like Decorah, the problem is being felt firsthand. (02/21/2005)
Martin Zellar's one of the state's most respected rock musicians. He rose to fame as the front man for the Gear Daddies. When that group disbanded he formed Martin Zellar and the Hardways which he continues to tour with today. But music isn't Zellar's only passion. Recently he's returned home to his native Austin to head up the Mower County DFL. (02/10/2005)
By the end of this week, University of Minnesota researchers will have completed tests on roughly 13,000 samples gathered from the fall deer hunt. Now after three years and no positive cases, the Department of Natural Resources plans to discontinue its wide scale surveillance program in favor of more targeted testing. (02/02/2005)
In an unexpected move, the MPCA's Citizen Board overwhelmingly voted Tuesday night to require additional environmental testing for a controversial tire burning proposal. The decision is a setback for the plant, which would be built near Preston. (01/26/2005)
A new program designed to train police officers to avoid lethal confrontation debuted Thursday in Mankato. It's known as the MILO Training and Presentation System and for the first time researchers and police departments will be able to directly interact with simulated confrontations. (01/20/2005)
When you say the word America it can conjure an image. It's something photographers know all too well. This weekend, the Rochester Art Center begins showing images of America -- a survey of American photography drawn from the collection of the Whitney Museum of American Art in New York. (01/14/2005)
The Kato Ballroom opened its doors back in the early 1950s around the advent of rock and roll. Before long, the Kato established itself as a Mankato hotspot hosting legends like Buddy Holly, Jerry Lee Lewis and even Louis Armstrong. This New Year's Eve the Kato revisits that history with a party celebrating its 50th anniversary. (12/31/2004)
The Sisters of St. Francis of Assisi have made Rochester their home for more than a hundred years. Now the nuns are having difficulty maintaining their convent, known as Assisi Heights. On New Year's Eve many of the Sister's loyal fans will gather for a fundraiser to help bring their living quarters up to date. (12/31/2004)
Christianity is not the only world religion that embraces Jesus as a holy symbol. The figure of Jesus plays a central role in Islam. (12/24/2004)
On Saturday, hundreds of African immigrants will converge on a Minneapolis community center for the state's first ever African World AIDS Day. It's part of an ongoing effort to educate the African-born community about HIV and AIDS. It's a population that's been especially hard hit by the disease. (12/10/2004)
Since the National Child Protection Training Center opened last year at Winona State University, it has drawn people from around the country. Detectives, social workers, and students visit to improve their skills at identifying and preventing child abuse. The Center's the creation of Minnesota native Victor Vieth. His goal is nothing less than eradicating child abuse in the United States. (11/30/2004)