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Rochester-based sculptor Judy Onofrio is the recipient of this year's Distinguished Artist Award from the McKnight Foundation. It's a huge honor and the list of past recipients reads like a who's who in the Minnesota art world including composer Dominick Argento and the writer Robert Bly. Onofrio says she's sill in shock. (07/22/2005)
The Root River in southeastern Minnesota is one of the state's most famous trout streams but it's threatened by pollution as are many waterways around southeast. A major problem is farm runoff which threatens both river life and the health of anglers and boaters. Recently a federal district court judge ruled that a clean up plan designed by the state pollution control agency is inadequate. Now the agency's on deadline to come up with a new plan. (07/19/2005)
There's a new federal telecommunication law in the works and it's expected to have major implications for rural telecom providers. There's increasing concern that those mom-and-pop outfits will be overlooked when it comes time to finalize the new legislation. (07/07/2005)
Theater enthusiasts head to Winona this weekend for the start of the Great River Shakespeare Festival. This year's five-week festival features 'Richard the Third' and 'Much Ado About Nothing.' But there's another special treat. Festival goers can also enjoy an amazing collection of old-fashioned theatrical backdrops. (06/23/2005)
Researchers at the Mayo Clinic have announced what could be a major step forward in the treatment of breast cancer. They say it could substantially reduce recurrence of the disease. (06/09/2005)
If you want to learn how to make a guitar, or repair a violin, head to Red Wing. The city is home to the nation's most comprehensive program focused on building string instruments. Over the years, students from as far away as Mozambique and Thailand have flocked here to learn the art of instrument-making. (06/05/2005)
There are a lot of angry people along the Upper Mississippi River. More than 400 folks attended a public hearing in Winona Tuesday night, opposing new regulations proposed for the Upper Mississippi River National Wildlife and Fish Refuge. (06/01/2005)
The Upper Mississippi River Wildlife and Fish Refuge attracts more visitors each year than Yellowstone National Park. It spans 261 miles, starting in Wabasha and extending downriver to Rock Island, Illinois. The U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service says it's time to update the way the way the refuge is run. (05/30/2005)
Later this week a Goodhue County man will appear in court after four of his Siberian tigers mauled a Minneapolis woman as she cleaned out their pen. While the attack made national headlines, for Goodhue County officials this was just the latest in a string of incidents at the facility known as Tiger Zone. (05/25/2005)
Armin Budimlic grew up in the city of Prijedor, located in the northwestern corner of Bosnia-Herzegovina. (05/16/2005)
This Sunday three Minnesota high school choirs will fan out across the stage at Orchestra Hall in Minneapolis to sing compositions written just for them. It's the culmination of a three year composers residency by Cary John Franklin. He says he hopes he's shown his students that composers are real people. (05/13/2005)
The Mayo Clinic released two studies Wednesday that begin to identify possible causes of Parkinson's disease. In one, researchers found elevated anxiety levels increased the likelihood of developing the disease. In the second, researchers found women who have both ovaries removed also face an increased risk of developing the neurological problem. The findings were presented in Miami at the American Academy of Neurology. (04/13/2005)
There's an old saw that says you can divide the world into two groups of people: cat-lovers and cat-haters. Those two factions are going head-to-head in Wisconsin over a proposal to allow cat hunting. (04/08/2005)
Mason City, Iowa is home to the world's last surviving Frank Lloyd Wright hotel. The Park Inn Hotel was the pride of the city when it was built in the early 1900s. Now it's falling apart and the city has decided to take drastic action to save the building. (03/29/2005)
A young soldier from Rochester died in a rocket-propelled grenade attack in Iraq Wednesday. Spec. Travis Bruce was the first person from Rochester killed in the war, and the 20th Minnesotan fatality since the conflict began two years ago. (03/25/2005)