Laurel Druley Feature Archive

Red Wing merchants got worried on hearing not one, but two chain discount stores were headed their way. Small businesses hope Red Wing's tourist draw will keep them in business. But retail experts say the community might be in for a few downtown casualties. (06/21/2001)
Some people in Fillmore County haven't been able to drink their water for almost 20 years. The sinkhole-prone area is vulnerable to pollution and that has many geologists and local officials concerned. (05/29/2001)
Farmers across Minnesota are scrambling to get seeds in the ground. Wet weather narrowed their window of opportunity for planting. Farmers have enjoyed exceptional planting conditions over the last two years, so this spring, while actually normal, seems atypical. We went with farmer Kevin Paap on a recent busy planting day. (05/17/2001)
The Minnesota Department of Natural Resources killed hundreds of thousands of fish last winter. They did it on purpose, on a few lakes around the state as an experiment. Their intention, to restock the lakes with what sportsmen call "more desirable" fish. (05/01/2001)
Minnesota lawmakers will reconsider next week how the state spends the 1998 tobacco settlement money. Teens involved in Target Market, the state's largest anti-smoking campaign, are concerned about maintaining the money they received from the lawsuit. (04/25/2001)
As leaders of the western hemisphere agreed last weekend to create the world's largest trading zone, thousands of protesters descended on Quebec City in opposition to the Free Trade Area of the Americas. Fair trade - not to be confused with free trade - is an alternative to such agreements designed to look out for the small-scale producer and his land. At Gustavus Adolphus College in St. Peter, students have brought the fair trade movement to campus. (04/23/2001)