Laurel Druley Feature Archive

The American Medical Association has approved limits on resident work hours. The vote comes on the heels of a decision made by a national group that accredits teaching hospitals. The group decided last week to require that residents only work on average eighty hours a week. A Mayo Clinic spokesman says the restrictions are long overdue. (06/20/2002)
Hormel Foods is getting ready for the grand opening of its SPAM Museum. While SPAM has been a household word for decades, other Hormel brands have since emerged and become successful. Economists say Hormel is ahead of the marketing game. And industry analysts say a lot of Hormel's success is due to development of brands that are known worldwide. (06/14/2002)
Two Minnesota teams will compete in the national women's Division 1 rugby championship this weekend in Rochester. Six other teams from all over the United States will compete. This is the first year Rochester has hosted a national tournament. The game of rugby is still relatively new to the United States. Fans and players warn the game is highly addictive. (06/07/2002)
A retired IBM employee says he has cancer caused by breathing toxic chemical vapors during the 22 years he worked at the IBM plant in Rochester. He's suing several chemical manufacturers, in what his lawyer says has the potential to be the first of several similar suits in Minnesota. (05/29/2002)
The new farm bill, signed into law by President Bush this month, provides a boost to the incomes of small and medium-sized dairy farmers in the Midwest. (05/20/2002)
A representative of Ethiopian farmers is in Minnesota, trying to encourage Minnesotans to drink Ethiopian coffee. He is visiting Peace Coffee, a Minneapolis-based company that imports the coffee direct from a farmer-owned cooperative. Peace Coffee, says this arrangement can triple the farmers' income and ensure a larger percentage of the consumer's dollar goes directly to the farmer. (05/10/2002)
Some health officials feel the nation is now facing an epidemic of anorexia and bulimia. Many sufferers, primarily young women, starve or purge in an effort to be extremely thin. Doctors are campaigning to raise awareness about the dangers of eating disorders. But even as that is happening, there are still sites on the Internet promoting what many call a lifestyle choice. (05/08/2002)
Nestled in the limestone bluffs of southeastern Minnesota is the Root River valley. As trout fishermen from all over the state made their pilgrimage to the Root River this past weekend for the opener, many stopped in the town of Lanesboro to see the wreckage. A fire earlier in the week destroyed three businesses and displaced four families. (04/15/2002)
The 8th Circuit Court of Appeals has re-affirmed that cities do have legal authority to restrict adult businesses. In the case between Jake's Bar and the city of Coates, the court ruled in favor of the city. It's a case that may influence decisions in other cities where the locaiton of strip clubs is an issue. (03/27/2002)
There's another wave of immigration in Rochester. Two decades ago, a couple thousand southeast Asians came to the city. More recently, Rochester became home to the second-largest Somali population in Rochester. This time it's Bosnians. (03/26/2002)
The trials of a community with a major road construction project. (03/14/2002)
State officials and school leaders from all over the upper Midwest are visiting a small farm town in southeastern Minnesota. They're coming to tour what could be the school of the future -- the dome school. (02/19/2002)
About two million Muslims from around the world are making their way to Mecca. They will congregate in the holy city located in the Saudi Arabian desert to perform one of Islam's many important rituals, the Hajj. Some Rochester women are making the pilgrimage. (02/07/2002)
Since September's terrorist attacks, scientists across the country have refocused their work. Many researchers, including those at the Mayo Clinic, are now concentrating on preventing or combatting terrorism. As a result, some say, they've put other worthy projects on hold. (01/29/2002)
Members of Rochester's Muslim community have taught Islam courses for years. Over the last few months the classes have grown very popular. Since Sept. 11, Americans have had a growing fascination with Islam. (01/16/2002)