Greta Cunningham Feature Archive

You've probably met someone who declares "I'm going to write a novel one day." For thousands of people around that world, "one day" starts at midnight Oct. 31. It's the beginning of National Novel Writing Month. Two Minnesotans are among the thousands who've signed up. (10/31/2005)
The parents of Army Spc. Jacob Vanderbosch remembered their son for his bravery on Thursday, saying he wasn't afraid of anything. (10/06/2005)
Flooding persisted in a few Twin Cities neighborhoods on Wednesday, a day after a slow-moving storm dumped over 6 inches of rain on parts of the metropolitan area, but the waters receded quickly elsewhere. (10/05/2005)
The stories of a New Hampshire woman, an Ojibwe Indian and a Native American drum are intertwined in Minnesota author Louise Erdrich's new novel, "The Painted Drum." (09/23/2005)
More than 90 health care workers from the University of Minnesota, the Mayo Clinic, and the College of St. Catherine have spread out through rural Louisiana to deliver medical care to people affected by Hurricane Katrina. With Hurricane Rita now expected to hit the region, the Minnesota group is being evacuated to a northern part of Louisiana. The U of M's Dr. Jon Hallberg is with that group, and he talked with MPR's Greta Cunningham. (09/22/2005)
George and Sheila Augustin didn't expect to wind up in Minnesota when they left New Orleans ahead of Hurricane Katrina. But when they learned their home was underwater, they came to Minnetonka, where George's company has an office. They're safe and -- for now -- George has a job. (09/12/2005)
Mercy Watson is a pig with a passion for buttered toast. She's also the main character in "Mercy Watson to the Rescue," a new book from Minneapolis children's author Kate DiCamillo. (09/12/2005)
Two graduate students from North Carolina are spending 75 days in a canoe, paddling the length of the Mississippi River. They hope to draw attention to the river's importance as a resource and ecosystem. (07/10/2005)
The only museum in the United States devoted to Russian art created in the Soviet era opened earlier this month in Minneapolis. The current exhibition features 50 works of art chronicling 100 years of life in the former Soviet Union. (05/28/2005)
Thousands of chess players from all over the world have gathered at the Minneapolis Convention Center this weekend, for what's billed as the richest and largest open chess tournament. They're competing for $500,000 in prize money. (05/20/2005)
As Minnesota anglers tried their luck on the lakes on fishing opener weekend, some may have dreamt of leaving their day jobs and becoming professionals on the fishing circuit. Chris Glaze is trying to make that dream come true. Glaze describes himself as a semi-professional bass fisherman, meaning he's out competing with the pros, but hasn't quit his day job yet. Glaze told MPR's Greta Cunningham he started professional fishing nine years ago after a friend encouraged him. (05/14/2005)
Some small business owners are worried a $1 hourly increase will put an extra squeeze on their profits. (05/08/2005)
This is the time of year when people begin to think about opening up their cabins and heading to the lake. Architect and author Dale Mulfinger is one person who is obsessed with cabins. In fact, he's written two books on the subject -- "The Cabin" and "The Getaway Home." Mulfinger told MPR's Greta Cunningham that things are changing in the cabin world. (04/30/2005)
Two women with a passion for highlighting women's accomplishments are celebrating their own big achievement this month -- 20 years of publishing the Minnesota Women's Press. The free bi-weekly newspaper has 80,000 readers. (04/30/2005)
As you drive around town on your daily commute, you may find yourself stuck in traffic and getting poor gas mileage. One of the big reasons could be the poor design of traffic lights. A MnDOT official spoke to MPR's Greta Cunningham about the problem. (04/23/2005)