Greta Cunningham Feature Archive

The arrest came two days after a new Minnesota law took effect banning texting, e-mailing or accessing the Internet behind the wheel. (08/05/2008)
Lawmakers rolled out a plan Monday they say would make Minnesota bridges safer. (07/28/2008)
The Ramsey County Sheriff's office says there are more cases of people siphoning gas from cars, and it's asking the public for help. (07/21/2008)
Former Sen. Dean Barkley says he is almost certain he will enter Minnesota's U.S. Senate race today. (07/15/2008)
It's July 4th, Independence Day, and many people are planning to gather at dusk to watch their local fireworks display or lighting a fuse of their own at home. (07/04/2008)
Organist Joseph Ripka from Elk River, Minn., is about to set off on a European tour to play on some of the world's most-famous pipe-organs. (07/03/2008)
The new superintendent of Voyageurs National Park has spent the last 16 years at Ulysses S. Grant National Historic Site in St. Louis. Michael Ward says he'll keep building bridges between Minnesota's only national park and the people who live near it. (07/02/2008)
More than 50 years after the first scooter craze occured in Italy, scooters are becoming popular in the U.S. as an economical way to travel. (06/17/2008)
The American Chestnut tree can save the world. That's the contention of a Minnesota farmer working to bring back the species. (05/27/2008)
The impact of the massive earthquake in China is being felt at a Chinese immersion elementary school in St. Paul. (05/23/2008)
There is a movement underway to get knitters out in the public, to show the craft is not just for grannies. (05/13/2008)
A Twin Cities think tank is warning that record prices for farm land and crops could be setting up an "economic bubble" that poses risks for farmers in Minnesota. (05/06/2008)
The 35W Crosstown reconstruction project is claiming another bridge over 35W in south Minneapolis. (04/23/2008)
A new survey finds nearly a third of Minnesotans polled are worried their family income will not be enough to pay their bills and expenses this year. (04/16/2008)
The movement of cattle and bison from Minnesota to other states will be restricted to prevent the spread of bovine TB, but restrictions may only affect northwestern Minnesota. (04/09/2008)