Greta Cunningham Feature Archive

For snorers, and their loved ones, the nightly noisy disturbance often causes more than a few sleepless nights. A new procedure designed to permanently treat snoring has been developed by a Minnesota company, Restore Medical, and is now available to snoring sufferers. (07/28/2003)
It's been the object of devotion and derision. It's been bandied about by scientists, academics and amateur sleuths. And now the Kensington Runestone is being hauled to Sweden. The runestone was unearthed by a farmer in 1898. It's carved with an inscription some believe is the writings of Nordic explorers dating from the year 1392. Others believe it's a modern forgery, and Swedish scientists are holding a conference in October to study the evidence surrounding the runestone. (07/17/2003)
Two Irish brothers are out in a bog cutting turf for a fire. One of the brothers swings his shovel and makes a grisly discovery: the perfectly preserved head of a red-haired woman. Because peat bogs prevent decay, the head could have been buried for centuries, or she could be a new homicide. That is the opening scene of Minneapolis writer Erin Hart's new book "Haunted Ground." (05/21/2003)
Mayo Clinic has unveiled a collection of once-classified government research that details work done with Charles Lindbergh. The documents and films date to World War II, when the famed aviator worked with Mayo to research the effects of high-altitude flight on humans. Dr. Jan Stepanek is an aviation medicine specialist at Mayo. He reviewed more than 70 hours of color film, along with thousands of documents and photographs, to prepare the material for its initial public display this week. Stepanek spoke with MPR's Greta Cunningham (10/09/2002)
Minnesotans know her as Rhoda Morgenstern - the headscarf-wearing, wise-cracking woman who lived upstairs from Mary Richards on the Mary Tyler Moore Show. Valerie Harper is in St. Paul starring in the Tony Award-winning play The Allergist's Wife at the Ordway. Harper plays Marjorie Taub, a culture-obsessed upper-middle class New Yorker who is facing a mid-life crisis armed with humor. Harper told MPR's Greta Cunningham there are similiarities with other characters in the Mary Tyler Moore Show. (10/09/2002)
Formerly of Minneapolis, the 73-year-old photographer recalls the stories behind the images in his book, <i>Jerome Liebling: The Minnesota Photographs</i>. (09/12/1997)