Tom Crann Feature Archive

The mantra "eat local" appears to be shifting toward beverages. Here's a look at the craft cocktail phenomenon. (01/28/2015)
Beth Dooley, author of "Minnesota's Bounty: The Farmers' Market Cookbook," takes the mystery out of cooking with whole grains. (01/21/2015)
Surly gives new meaning to the phrase "destination brewery," says food writer Dara Moskowitz Grumdahl. (01/14/2015)
The Minneapolis school district can better serve students if it focuses on their ability, says Michael Walker, head of its Office of Black Male Student Achievement. (01/08/2015)
Old restaurants become new again -- and a pair of siblings make meat out of plants: Here's what's coming to the Twin Cities food scene in 2015. (01/07/2015)
As the temperatures plunge, a lot of people will spend as much time as possible huddled up inside their homes. But what about those among us who are homeless? (01/05/2015)
Amy Thielen, author of "The New Midwestern Table" and host of "Heartland Table" on the Food Network, shares her suggestions for excellent eggnog. (12/24/2014)
Though it passed the House last week, the bill did not win approval in the Senate after it was blocked by Republican Sen. Tom Coburn of Oklahoma. (12/17/2014)
Rep. John Kline returns to Washington, D.C., in January for his seventh term in the U.S. House. (12/15/2014)
Republican Tom Emmer is taking the 6th District seat of U.S. Rep. Michele Bachmann, who did not run for reelection. He joined Tom Crann to reflect on his new member orientation in Washington and his priorities going forward. (12/12/2014)
One of Minnesota's most popular game bird is having a tough go. Governor Mark Dayton is an avid pheasant hunter and convened the summit. (12/12/2014)
The Justice Department's Office on Violence Against Women designated the court as a "mentor court" this fall. The county will receive grant money to train other locations over the next two years to develop similar programs. (12/10/2014)
Holiday loaves are often defined by unique shapes, fillings and the always important seasonings. Learn simple techniques to braid bread in a short video. (12/10/2014)
Lucia Watson has earned national prestige for her work, including three James Beard Nominations for best chef in the Midwest (12/09/2014)
At least 8,000 veterans take their own lives each year, according to data from the Veterans Administration. (12/05/2014)