Tom Crann Feature Archive

One of Minnesota's most popular game bird is having a tough go. Governor Mark Dayton is an avid pheasant hunter and convened the summit. (12/12/2014)
The Justice Department's Office on Violence Against Women designated the court as a "mentor court" this fall. The county will receive grant money to train other locations over the next two years to develop similar programs. (12/10/2014)
Holiday loaves are often defined by unique shapes, fillings and the always important seasonings. Learn simple techniques to braid bread in a short video. (12/10/2014)
Lucia Watson has earned national prestige for her work, including three James Beard Nominations for best chef in the Midwest (12/09/2014)
At least 8,000 veterans take their own lives each year, according to data from the Veterans Administration. (12/05/2014)
The success of the food truck is changing the restaurant landscape in the Twin Cities, says writer and critic Dara Moskowitz Grumdahl. (12/03/2014)
The season of turkey is upon us and that means selecting the perfect turkey for the holiday feast. (11/19/2014)
Samuelsson is a television fixture, appearing on shows like "Chopped" and "Iron Chef." His new book shares the recipes he cooks at home. (11/12/2014)
A Minneapolis-based non-profit is setting up an Ebola treatment unit in a rural area of Liberia. (11/11/2014)
Tyler Bieniek, who served in Afghanistan, says he was overwhelmed by the support he received after telling his fellow Army National Guard members that he's gay. (11/07/2014)
Here are some easy ways to spruce up that morning meal and avoid a cold, dry bowl of cereal. (11/05/2014)
Political commentators Maureen Shaver and Todd Rapp discuss which races to watch and what's at stake for Democrats if they lose their Minnesota House majority. (10/30/2014)
One former Marine is making it his mission to convince business to make the most of the skills and experiences of vets by hiring them. (10/09/2014)
St. Paul's Payne Avenue is enjoying the arrival of several new restaurants which have created a foodie culture where there hasn't been one. (10/08/2014)
They look at the week's debates, the race in the 8th District, Clinton and Christie coming to town, and the reaction to the new MNsure rates. (10/02/2014)