Tom Crann Feature Archive

Throughout the flooding and its aftermath, Duluth's Mayor Don Ness was thrust into the spotlight. The mayor delivers an update on the city's recovery. (07/17/2012)
Teams of bridge inspectors are blanketing northeastern Minnesota to check for damage that may have been caused by last month's flooding. (07/11/2012)
MPR's medical analyst Dr. Jon Hallberg discussed alternative uses for botox, approval of new weight-loss pills and antibiotics. (07/03/2012)
The regional vice president of Xcel Energy speaks with MPR News about whether the eastern blackouts could affect the state power grid. (07/02/2012)
A group of physicians suggest that multimorbidity should more often be treated as a group, rather than singly. (06/27/2012)
Only 111 Duluth households had flood insurance policies when the area was hit by heavy rains and flooding last week, according to the National Flood Insurance Program. (06/26/2012)
Numerous trees have been reported uprooted, which is somewhat unusual in the absence of tornadic activity. (06/19/2012)
On Monday in St. Paul, The National Alliance on Mental Illness Minnesota is co-presenting "Minds Interrupted: Stories of Lives Affected By Mental Illness" told by seven Minnesotans. (06/18/2012)
Saturday is Twin Cities World Refugee Day. The United Nations refugee agency reports that Minneapolis and St. Paul have both been among the top five cities for refugee resettlement in the last decade. (06/15/2012)
Former Minnesota Gov. Jesse Ventura has published a new book criticizing the two-party system. It's called "DemoCRIPS and ReBLOODlicans: No More Gangs in Government." Ventura shared his views on the influence of money on politics with Tom Crann of All Things Considered on Wednesday. (06/13/2012)
This rash of summer-like weather has us considering a pitcher of iced tea. But have you ever thought of adding yeast and fermenting it? (06/07/2012)
Former Minnesota Wild player Derek Boogaard received more than 100 prescriptions from a dozen NHL team doctors in the last three years before his death in 2011. A recent article by The New York Times raises questions about the abuse of prescription drugs in professional sports. (06/06/2012)
Chris Fields, the endorsed Republican challenger to Rep. Keith Ellison, speaks with MPR News' All Things Considered. (06/05/2012)
Today is the last day on the job for the man responsible for Minnesota's Sex Offender Treatment Program. (06/05/2012)
The new Minnesota African American Museum and Cultural Center in Minneapolis opens this weekend, in an old Victorian era mansion known as the Coe House. MPR's Tom Crann talked today with the founder of the museum, Roxanne Givens. (06/01/2012)