Sanden Totten Feature Archive

In the Loop provides a helpful guide to attending the caucuses on Super Tuesday. (02/04/2008)
People who feel they were born into the wrong gender have a particularly hard time fitting into a society where it is assumed that you are either male or female. Things have improved over the past decade or so, but there is still a long way to go. (12/07/2007)
For teenagers in the Fond du Lac band of Ojibwe, turning 18 is a big deal. That's because each one gets a check for roughly $45,000. The money comes from the profits of the band's casino, but getting the teens to spend it wisely isn't a sure bet. (11/02/2007)
We've heard how the musicians reacted when they first saw the lyrics to Stephen Burt's "Afternoon Song." This time we check in as they try to turn those words into music. (08/15/2007)
The Appalachian folk group The Roe Family Singers, indie darlings The Owls and singer/songwriter Matt Wilson were given two weeks to come up with a tune using the same set of lyrics. We hear how the ideas and melodies they've come up are transformed into full-fledged songs. (08/15/2007)
Our project looks at the creative process of writing music, through the eyes of a lyricist and three different bands. We hear from the three bands -- The Roe Family Singers, The Owls, and Matt Wilson -- as they get the lyrics from writer Stephen Burt, and begin shaping his words into songs. (08/09/2007)
Being homeless can be scary at first. For many though, a familiar routine develops. That same routine can become a rut that stops some people from getting off the streets. (07/01/2007)
Ending up homeless can be a harrowing experience. Trying to get off the streets can be just as hard. Without regular access to computers, phones or even showers, finding a job can be a real struggle. (06/30/2007)
Many people see getting a job as a ticket out of homelessness. But finding work is just the first step. For the 28 percent of homeless people with a job, working when you don't have a home creates its own set of challenges. (06/29/2007)
Unschooling is an unstructured approach to education. Children don't have classes, text books or teachers. Instead they pick their own areas to study. They learn about the world by living in it. (05/18/2007)
For most people, taking a stand is a literal thing: getting off your couch, picking up a picket sign and hitting the streets. But for some people, public protest and disobedience is more than a one-time political statement -- it's a way of life. (04/20/2007)
Minneapolis has excellent "green" credentials. But even people in an eco-friendly city can get discouraged when looking at the big picture of waste and energy use. (02/16/2007)
As more small towns are getting access to high-speed Internet, a new kind of digital divide is forming: not one of access, but of choice. (01/18/2007)
Research in areas from marketing to mental health to jet lag shows that light affects us as much physically as it does psychologically. And the outcome isn't always bright. (12/22/2006)