Sea Stachura Feature Archive

Federal Emergency Management Agency officials hit the ground Friday talking with people affected by the flash floods in southeastern Minnesota. Winona, Fillmore and Houston counties got declared federal disaster areas late Thursday. Gov. Pawlenty says FEMA has now declared Olmsted, Steele and Wabasha counties eligible for additional federal assistance. FEMA officials say that could be expanded to a full disaster declaration later. (08/24/2007)
The declaration releases the Federal Emergency Management Agency to begin registering and helping residents and businesses for disaster relief. The agency will also help with public infrastructure projects like roads and sewers. (08/23/2007)
Jered Lorenz, 37, left a party Saturday night, driving home on a township road. His empty car was found Sunday near Rush Creek, north of I-90. (08/21/2007)
Gov. Pawlenty says the Minnesota Housing Finance Agency will provide some relief. But in the meantime, county officials aren't sure they've found all the victims of the flood. (08/19/2007)
As Minnesotans have increasingly learned over the last two weeks, a major factor in the deterioration of roads and bridges is vehicle traffic and its weight. And one class of vehicles travels most of the state without any weight restrictions: farm vehicles. (08/16/2007)
A bridge is thousands of pieces of metal and concrete. It's built to withstand all manner of weather and stress. And most bridges do exactly that -- for up to 100 years. So why did the 35W bridge collapse after only 40 years? (08/08/2007)
In Winona, about 60 area residents confronted Gov. Tim Pawlenty, saying they aren't getting the help they need to recover from flash floods that killed six. Meanwhile, the cleanup continued. (08/06/2007)
The Minnesota House seat once held by former Majority Leader Steve Swiggum is up for grabs. The contenders are DFL candidate Linda Pfeilsticker and Republican Steve Drazkowski. (08/06/2007)
The Minnesota Department of Transportation says it will begin pulling vehicles out of the Mississippi River by mid-week. (08/05/2007)
The southern end of the I-35W bridge in Minneapolis has been ruled out as the starting point of the structure's collapse. The chairman of the National Transportation Safety Board says the agency will now examine the northern portion of the bridge. (08/05/2007)
Minnesota is getting some welcome rain, after several days of hot and muggy weather. People around the region found lots of ways to deal with the heat. (07/26/2007)
Fair trade is coming to Minnesota farms. Fair trade labels are typically found on items like international coffee and chocolate. The label means the workers have been paid a living wage and treated humanely. (07/25/2007)
When the Northfield Police Chief sounded the alarm on heroin, Northfielders came running. Then they started asking questions. (07/11/2007)
For 19 seasons the Commonweal Theatre in Lanesboro has performed in a small, cinder-block former movie house. Now the regional theater is opening a new, $3.5 million building, and looking to the future. (07/05/2007)
Authorities say they've known for some time that the first two babies, a boy and a girl, probably were born to the same woman. They said they kept the information to themselves to aid the investigation. They're releasing it now in hopes of advancing the investigation. (07/03/2007)