Sea Stachura Feature Archive

Doctors at the Mayo Clinic say they suspect direct contact with pig brains may have caused to the neurological illnesses of workers at Quality Pork Processing in Austin, Minn. Last week the Minnesota Department of Health revealed 11 workers are exhibiting symptoms. (12/07/2007)
Another Minnesota soldier died this week in Baghdad. Sgt. 1st Class John Tobiason of Hayfield was 42. Little is known about how Tobiason died. It's reported that he stepped out of a tent and shots were fired. (11/30/2007)
Three months after flash flooding, many residents are still filling out paperwork and looking for housing. (11/22/2007)
Imagine you are driving through the Midwest and you need gasoline. Chances are that gas will have some level of ethanol in it. Many states have required ethanol without asking if consumers want it, or if it's environmentally sound. (11/20/2007)
State officials are investigating possible official malfeasance in a dispute over a Mower County hog feedlot. (11/06/2007)
Some of Minnesota's waste management companies show an interest in doing business in India. (10/26/2007)
As the federal disaster deadline looms for residents in southeastern Minnesota, state officials are trying to push homeowners to apply for federal loans before asking for state dollars. (10/17/2007)
The National Transportation Safety Board isn't the only entity looking for the cause of the bridge collapse. (10/15/2007)
At least 50,000 homes and businesses in the state dump raw sewage directly into the state's lakes and rivers. (10/02/2007)
The U.S. Fish and WIldlife Service, along with the Army Corps of Engineers and other agencies, is rebuilding some of the lost islands on the Upper Mississippi Refuge. (09/21/2007)
One month after the flash floods crashed through southeastern Minnesota, flood victims are beginning to get a sense of their futures. For two couples, those futures are a stark contrast. (09/18/2007)
The Minnesota Department of Health says where there is water, there's mold. And most of the 1,500 homes affected by the last month's flash floods are still drying out. State officials say mold contamination is a health concern, but it's up to homeowners to deal with it. (09/09/2007)
Insurance company advocates say more people should opt to buy flood insurance. But one expert says the real solution is to force insurance companies to offer flood coverage, and require all home insurance policies to include it. (08/29/2007)
Speaking in Rochester on Tuesday, the governor says he wants more of an understanding with the DFL before he moves ahead. But DFLers say they're having a hard time getting the governor to talk. (08/28/2007)
While Gov. Pawlenty and legislative leaders are negotiating an agenda for a special legislative session in September, Molnau said Monday she's not sure that state action is needed immediately -- because federal disaster aid is already on the way. (08/27/2007)