Sea Stachura Feature Archive

Will the Mayo Clinic's success keep Rochester from joining the state in an economic slowdown? (02/08/2008)
The Hormel Institute in Austin has purchased the fastest computer in the world for its cancer research. (02/06/2008)
The NTSB has examined the collapsed 35W bridge for six months. The answers to what caused the collapse are still another six months away. (02/01/2008)
The head of the National Transportation Safety Board Chairman hand-delivered a letter Monday to U.S. Rep. Jim Oberstar, to respond to Oberstar's complaints about the NTSB's investigation of the 35W bridge collapse. (01/28/2008)
Olmsted county officials said they are concerned that a large number of recently released inmates may end up homeless this year. (01/23/2008)
Bad design, not bad construction or maintenance, led to the collapse of the I-35W bridge in Minneapolis that killed 13 people. (01/15/2008)
A group of former Northfield mayors has called for mayor Lee Lansing's resignation. An investigation late last year found Lansing had improperly used his influence to steer city business to his son. (01/13/2008)
U.S. Rep. Tim Walz has just finished a four-day visit to Afghanistan and Pakistan. (01/11/2008)
A major donation to flood victims from Minnesota-based Christopher and Banks women's clothing company is full of defective clothes. (01/11/2008)
On Saturday Northfield's City Council will decide what to do about the findings of a report issued earlier this week that shows that Mayor Lee Lansing exerted improper influence on behalf of his son. (12/21/2007)
Did you think of the ecological consequences of your Christmas tree? Minnesota Public Radio did some homework on whether real or artificial trees are better for the environment. (12/20/2007)
Rochester police today released a profile of the person who killed April Sorensen. (12/13/2007)
Saint Mary's University in Winona, Minn., has a new president. (12/13/2007)
The slow-down in passing a new Farm Bill has left increasingly needy food shelves and food stamp recipients in the lurch. (12/13/2007)
The ugly duckling of the Order Lepidoptera is the moth. No butterfly would be caught dead near one. But artist Joseph Scheer parades the hidden beauty of these creatures. (12/11/2007)