Sea Stachura Feature Archive

Representative Tim Walz says he wants to update the GI Bill in this Congress this year. He wants to use the GI Bill as a sort of economic stimulus package for them. (04/09/2008)
The Fish and Wildlife Service is asking for volunteers to help clean up the Mississippi flood plain after last August's flash floods. (04/09/2008)
The University of Minnesota Rochester this evening will inaugurate its first chancellor Stephen Lehmkuhle. (04/04/2008)
A worker at Quality Pork Processing Plant in Austin has filed a lawsuit against the company demanding workers' compensation. (04/03/2008)
IBM has introduced a new line of servers designed and built in Rochester, Minn. aimed at small to medium businesses. (04/02/2008)
An exhibit of Auguste Rodin's sculptures and writings at Hillstrom Museum of Art shows Rodin as the sculptural master he is. (04/02/2008)
Ten years ago at least five tornadoes ripped through south central Minnesota. The cities of Comfrey and St. Peter were damaged so badly that residents worried their towns would disappear. Instead, they have managed a remarkable recovery. (03/28/2008)
The small town of Comfrey, Minn. was nearly destroyed by a tornado on March 29, 1998. MPR reporter Sea Stachura talks with former Mayor Linda Wallin. (03/28/2008)
The chairman of the National Transportation Safety Board said the board will not reconsider its decision to forgo a public hearing on the 35W collapse. (03/26/2008)
Rep. Jim Oberstar, D-Minn., is asking the chairman of the NTSB board to reverse the board's decision against holding a public hearing into the I-35 bridge collapse. (03/18/2008)
The findings of a new Mayo Clinic study may change how doctors predict who will develop breast cancer and how they look for it. (03/11/2008)
Whitewater State Park officials are looking for signs of recovery as the park slowly reopens. (03/07/2008)
Should Minnesotans be able to look over what pesticides have been sprayed on golf courses and farm fields? A proposal in the House would give people access. (03/02/2008)
Asian Indians may be at higher risk for type two diabetes, because of the way their bodies convert fuel, according to a new Mayo Clinic study. (03/01/2008)
Six months after the August floods in southeastern Minnesota homeowners are still waiting for help from the state and federal governments. (02/17/2008)