Curtis Gilbert Feature Archive

Prominent DFL politicians are rushing to sever ties with a Minneapolis nonprofit after a state audit found it misspent hundreds of thousands of dollars in public money. (09/23/2014)
Minneapolis City Council Member Cam Gordon plans to introduce an amendment that would expand the definition of "smoking" in city ordinances. (09/22/2014)
The city council agreed to spend $170,000 to outfit 36 officers with body cameras starting in November. (09/19/2014)
In choosing Ryan, the city rejected a request from the Vikings to re-open the bidding process. (09/19/2014)
"I can't take the chance that they're just threats," Janeé Harteau said. (09/19/2014)
The deal would let Minneapolis kill a proposed deal to build an apartment tower near the Vikings stadium if Ryan moved too slowly. (09/17/2014)
The two have partnered for decades on big, city-subsidized projects. But even beautiful partnerships get tested. (09/17/2014)
The January arrest of an African-American man in the St. Paul Skyway occurred after security guards asked him to leave a public area. Police then confronted Christopher Lollie. (09/10/2014)
The withdrawal of Radisson hotels from a development project near the Minnesota Vikings new stadium has led the team to challenge a developer for the right to build apartments there. (09/09/2014)
State officials had planned to build a $261,000 "security related" fiber-optic line connecting the governor's residence to the Minnesota History Center. The project's purpose remains unclear. (09/05/2014)
The newest 'restaurant' in Minneapolis might be in the apartment next door. So-called social dining companies give amateur chefs a way to get paid for hosting dinner parties at their homes. But the business model could run afoul of health regulations and zoning codes. (09/03/2014)
The high stakes negotiations were a make-or-break moment for the proposed line connecting Minneapolis to Eden Prairie. (08/28/2014)
Council members on the Transportation & Public Works Committee agreed 4-2 to support the project, marking a turning point for Minneapolis. (08/27/2014)
Supporters say the proposal is crafted to target a specific type of low-income smoker: children. (08/24/2014)
The proposed St. Paul ordinance would require that they be sold in packs of five or more. Leizinger said the goal is to boost the price, just a little. (08/20/2014)