Curtis Gilbert Feature Archive

Former St. Paul Police Chief Bill Finney will return to next month to the St. Paul City Council, where he pledges to smooth police-community relations. (02/12/2015)
Washington County prosecutors have taken over the investigation of an officer-involved shooting in St. Paul after the Ramsey County Attorney's Office determined the case posed a conflict of interest. (02/12/2015)
The police department drove the relatively large increase. Police overtime shot up 42 percent, growing by more than $1 million. (02/09/2015)
The proposed location of the new building has been vacant since the 1990s, but was once home to the stately, 18-story Nicollet Hotel. (02/06/2015)
A cell phone app, developed at the University of Minnesota, monitors teens' driving habits in real time, and it alerts their parents when they break the rules of the road. (02/06/2015)
The department will report back to the St. Paul City Council by May 1 on the costs and privacy issues posed by the cameras. (02/04/2015)
Federal prosecutors Wednesday charged Michael Garant with illegally buying guns for Raymond Kmetz, who opened fire at New Hope City Hall and was killed by police. (02/04/2015)
The music and food festival, which was held in St. Paul for almost 30 years, relocated to the far west metro last year. (02/02/2015)
Warming means that when it rains in Minnesota, it's more likely to pour. Using popcorn and sugar, MPR News explains the science of this phenomenon. (02/02/2015)
The city council is scheduled to vote Wednesday on a resolution asking the police department to include a camera pilot project in its budget. (02/01/2015)
St. Paul leaders were interviewing three public works director candidates just days before Mayor Chris Coleman intervened to hire Council President Kathy Lantry, who hadn't applied for the job. (01/30/2015)
In Minneapolis, tow trucks focused on areas near the city's impound lot, but tow trucks in St. Paul made it to most residential neighborhoods. (01/23/2015)
St. Paul Mayor Chris Coleman has picked one of his critics to help keep the city in shape. City Council President Kathy Lantry will head the Public Works Department. (01/20/2015)
Marcus Golden, the man killed Wednesday by St. Paul police, had crossed the law before. (01/15/2015)
Proposals include a plan to make St. Paul friendlier to bicyclists, and construction of a new public park on the Duluth's waterfront. (01/12/2015)