Curtis Gilbert Feature Archive

Cherryhomes' political career began in 1989 when she unseated the only African-American member of the Minneapolis City Council, Van White. Cherryhomes, who is white, would represent the most diverse ward in the city for the next 12 years. Since 2001, she has worked as a consultant and lobbyist. (10/21/2013)
Fourteen years after Mark Andrew resigned from the Hennepin County Board, he's making a bid to return to elected office. (10/21/2013)
Four years after being forced into bankruptcy, the Taste of Minnesota festival will return to St. Paul next summer, managed by a team that includes the widow of the event's founder. (10/17/2013)
Minneapolis euthanized 152 adoptable animals last year, but that number is down 75 percent from where it was just five years ago. (09/25/2013)
Enhancing bus service would run a quarter of the cost of rail. But city staff concluded streetcars had more public support and more economic development potential. (09/24/2013)
A San Francisco-based real estate investment firm plans to buy the old Macy's building in downtown St. Paul. City documents give no indication of what's intended for the property, but St. Paul officials describe their worst-case scenario as a "Burlington Coat Factory type" of store or a parking ramp. (09/19/2013)
For the most part, the six candidates agreed on education policies. They all want better standardized tests, but fewer of them. They all think schools should reduce the number of students they suspend. And they all like Minneapolis School Superintendent Bernadeia Johnson's plan to give struggling schools more autonomy. (09/17/2013)
The Minneapolis mayor's race lacks anything resembling a front-runner, according to the first public poll conducted in the contest. (09/15/2013)
A teenager who police say shot his 2-month-old nephew could be charged as an adult if a judge agrees with a motion filed today by the Hennepin County Attorney's office. (09/11/2013)
In a lawsuit filed in Olmsted County District Court, Scott Hart, 48, contends that Scoutmaster Richard Hokanson molested him at least 200 times over a six-year period beginning in 1975. (09/11/2013)
While the deaths of the two children, Mohammed Fofana and Haysem Sani, were tragic, the city could not have predicted the slide, St. Paul Mayor Chris Coleman told reporters Thursday morning. (09/05/2013)
Campaign finance reports released Tuesday show that Dan Cohen and Mark Andrew lead the fundraising in the Minneapolis mayoral race. (09/03/2013)
A three-foot-long foot long alligator is presumed dead after a conservation officer from the Minnesota Department of Natural Resources shot the animal Monday in a lake in a north Twin Cities metro area lake. (08/29/2013)
As tens of thousands gathered in the nation's capital to mark the 50th anniversary of Martin Luther King's call for economic justice and racial equality, Minnesotans marched to the state Capitol in St. Paul. (08/28/2013)
The leading candidates for mayor of Minneapolis aired their ideas on a controversial light rail line during a debate at the Minnesota State Fair. (08/26/2013)