Curtis Gilbert Feature Archive

While much of Hodge's State of the City speech touched on the themes at the center of her successful campaign for the job -- growth, equality and competent management, she also encouraged Minneapolis residents to brag about the place they live. (04/24/2014)
In the engineering drawings, one of the two tunnels, the north tunnel, isn't buried all the way below the current ground level. Instead, the earth around it is built up in what city attorney Susan Segal described as a 10 to 12 foot high "berm." (04/18/2014)
Opponents have been holding the annual Good Friday protest for nearly 30 years. For the past 10 years or so, Planned Parenthood has staged a nearby counter demonstration, to raise money and rally its supporters. (04/18/2014)
Although the plastic in the foam is recyclable, it is one of the few types of plastic Minneapolis doesn't recycle. (04/16/2014)
The earplugs will be provided to the businesses at no cost thanks to a coalition of private funders, including the clothing company Locally Grown, Globally Known. Its president, Brian Felsen, says the goal is to make hearing protection as accessible as possible. (04/11/2014)
Years of red ink led the city to turn to a private management group to operate the courses at Como and Phalen parks. (04/09/2014)
Advocates for minority communities say the project could bring economic opportunity to impoverished parts of the city. (04/08/2014)
The Metropolitan Council has long warned that delays could cost the Southwest light rail project its place in line for federal funding. The council recently released data that show it wasn't kidding. (04/07/2014)
Under the proposed deal the city would lift the moratorium and begin to issue new demolition and construction permits in the five affected neighborhoods on April 11. (04/03/2014)
OSHA cited Rachel Contracting for three serious safety violations at the St. Paul Saints stadium site where backhoe operator Johnny Valek, of Plymouth, Minn., died in September. (04/02/2014)
Amtrak, which now operates out of a station in an industrial part of St. Paul, was originally supposed to move downtown when the renovated Union Depot re-opened in late 2012. (04/02/2014)
The City of St. Paul has identified about 20 miles of streets it says are badly in need of repair. This map shows the "Terrible 20," as Mayor Chris Coleman calls them. Are there streets that aren't on the map that should be? (04/01/2014)
The extra manpower will mean a 35 percent increase in the number of workers dedicated to filling potholes, the city's public works director said. It will cost the city about $80,000 over the next two weeks. (03/31/2014)
Building light rail lines is a tough way to make friends. The Metropolitan Council has spent the last year looking for a way to make everyone along the planned Southwest light rail line happy. But everything the planners propose makes someone upset. (03/28/2014)
The city has more than 450 different electronic databases that track everything from budgets to crime statistics to street maintenance. Some staffers, elected officials and self-described hackers are working on a plan to put that information on the Internet for anyone to use. (03/26/2014)