Sasha Aslanian Feature Archive

A struggling St. Paul elementary school that was once a beacon of racial integration and academic achievement hopes to re-invent itself again, this time taking a page from a successful Afrocentric charter school in north Minneapolis. (06/13/2011)
Webster Elementary became the state's first magnet school in 1976, and 600 white children voluntarily bused in for enrichment programs that remained popular through the 1990s. (06/13/2011)
The FBI is still trying to confirm the identity of a Somali man said to be from Minnesota who died in an attack on African Union troops Monday in Mogadishu. The rebel group al-Shabab, considered a terrorist group by the U.S. government, said the bomber was from Minnesota. (06/03/2011)
Minneapolis police say burglaries jumped in the week following the tornado that hit the north side of the city, but overall, crime went down last week. (05/31/2011)
Operations proceeded more smoothly at the Tornado Recovery Center in north Minneapolis today. About 2,500 storm victims showed up on the first two days of operations Wednesday and Thursday. By today, incident commanders and residents agreed they had worked out many of the kinks. (05/27/2011)
He overcame obstacles and turned his life around. He was driving a friend's son home from church when the twister struck. (05/24/2011)
Rob MacIntyre, 54, died Sunday while trying to help his neighbors. Friends say he collapsed while trying to clear debris with his tractor. MacIntyre was renowned for his work with raptors such as peregrine falcons. (05/23/2011)
Minnesota's Department of Labor and Industry is warning Minneapolis storm victims to do background checks on contractors before signing any agreement to do repair work. (05/23/2011)
If Twin Cities church leaders vote to remove a requirement that ministers and lay leaders be faithfully married heterosexuals or celibate singles, it would be the final vote needed to ratify the change nationally. (05/10/2011)
The number of children Minnesotans are adopting from abroad is declining, reflecting national trends. (05/06/2011)
A company hired by the state of Minnesota under former Gov. Tim Pawlenty's administration has reached a settlement with the Federal Trade Commission for allegedly failing to protect sensitive data. (05/05/2011)
A state-mandated study into child deaths and near-fatal injuries found men to blame two-thirds of the time. The study could prompt new scrutiny of men from child protection workers. (05/02/2011)
A House committee approved Thursday a bill that would prohibit cities from having policies that forbid police from routinely asking about immigration status. (04/28/2011)
Currently, Minneapolis and St. Paul have "separation ordinances," meaning police in those two cities do not ask residents they interact with about their immigration status, unless it pertains to a crime. A bill discussed in a House committee Wednesday would prohibit that practice. (04/27/2011)
With gas prices climbing to near $4 a gallon, many commuters are feeling the squeeze. It's particularly acute for drivers in the northern part of the Twin Cities metropolitan area, where commutes tend to be longest. (04/21/2011)