Sasha Aslanian Feature Archive

The Falcon Heights city council votes unanimously to establish a domestic partner registry for unmarried same-sex and opposite sex couples who live or work in the community. (07/29/2011)
Crystal and Falcon Heights could join 11 other Minnesota cities that have already given couples, both opposite sex and same sex, a way to have their relationships recognized. (07/25/2011)
The famine in their homeland hit home for a group of young Somalis in south Minneapolis, and they came up with a classically American response: a car wash fundraiser. (07/25/2011)
Fishing licenses are available in Minnesota again, and campgrounds are opening. (07/21/2011)
The United Nations is expected today to declare a famine in parts of southern Somalia, where nearly 3 million Somalis are suffering from acute malnutrition. Minnesota's Somali community and local organizations are responding to what they are calling a dire situation. (07/20/2011)
New census data showing the number of households occupied by same-sex couples rose by 50 percent in Minnesota over the last decade could have lasting effects as the state heads toward a constitutional vote on same-sex marriage in next year's election. (07/14/2011)
Services to inmates are being curtailed by the Minnesota Department of Corrections, prompted by the state government shutdown. (07/11/2011)
Affording child care continues to be a concern for the 26,000 subsidized families who are cut off during the state government shutdown, now in its seventh day. A judge could rule to continue distributing funds toward child care. (07/07/2011)
On this first day of a government shutdown, most state agencies are operating with only essential staff — the lone exception being the state Department of Agriculture. (07/01/2011)
The Minnesota Campaign Finance Board made a decision Thursday that's likely to have big implications in the battle over a proposed constitutional amendment to define marriage. The board ruled that corporations that spend money trying to influence the way people vote on constitutional amendments must disclose the names of large donors. (06/30/2011)
Many people are in a last-minute flurry to take care of government business: renewing their driver's licenses, getting permits, even buying lottery tickets before non-essential services go dark at midnight Thursday. (06/30/2011)
A government shutdown could be costly for low-income parents that receive child care subsidies, and centers that rely on full enrollment to stay afloat. (06/23/2011)
City and county officials in Minnesota say the pending state government shutdown could cause serious cash problems for them and already is making it hard to plan their budgets for the coming year. (06/17/2011)
A new report on Minnesota's middle class highlights concerns for young workers. (06/15/2011)
The state Campaign Finance board has delayed a vote on whether corporations that contribute to ballot measure campaigns have to disclose large individual donors. (06/14/2011)