Sasha Aslanian Feature Archive

Currently, Minneapolis and St. Paul have "separation ordinances," meaning police in those two cities do not ask residents they interact with about their immigration status, unless it pertains to a crime. A bill discussed in a House committee Wednesday would prohibit that practice. (04/27/2011)
With gas prices climbing to near $4 a gallon, many commuters are feeling the squeeze. It's particularly acute for drivers in the northern part of the Twin Cities metropolitan area, where commutes tend to be longest. (04/21/2011)
St. Paul's Housing and Redevelopment Authority voted Wednesday to allow a restaurant that's expanding in downtown St. Paul to bypass the city's living wage ordinance. (04/13/2011)
The northern Twin Cities suburb was once a traditionally Democratic blue area that's shifted to purple, and it helped the GOP take control of the Legislature in 2010. (04/13/2011)
The controversial check of work eligibility for state employees and large vendors doing business with the state was one of Gov. Tim Pawlenty's executive orders allowed to expire.use (04/04/2011)
Gov. Mark Dayton must decide today the fate of the orders, most dealing with disaster declarations and other routine matters, that the ex-governor signed. (04/04/2011)
The Anoka County Sheriff's office says one person is dead and 10 people remain hospitalized as a result of drug overdoses at a party in Blaine early Thursday morning. (03/17/2011)
St. Paul Mayor Chris Coleman said the city of St. Paul receives nearly $9 million a year in Community Development Block Grants. (03/15/2011)
Federal immigration authorities have identified a second large janitorial company operating in Minnesota -- Harvard Maintenance -- that has hired workers who don't have proper documentation. The company is dismissing 240 workers, according to their union. (03/14/2011)
The St. Paul NAACP is raising objections to the St. Paul school district's plan to overhaul its public schools. (03/10/2011)
Norwegians are crazy about Americans. Especially Americans who appear on Norwegian reality TV. This is your chance! (03/09/2011)
St. Paul Mayor Chris Coleman is lending his political power to a plan to reform the city's public schools. Superintendent Valeria Silva wants to focus resources on neighborhood schools, in part by reducing citywide busing to magnet schools. (03/08/2011)
Domestic violence is one of the most confusing crimes prosecutors have to deal with. The victim and suspect know each other. They may even love each other. But prosecutors do have one powerful tool that gives them insight into, and sometimes ammunition for their cases: inmate phone calls from jail. (03/02/2011)
When Mike Dollarschell arrives for work at the St. Paul Police Department, he scans the night's domestic violence reports for the worst cases, ones that demand intervention. "He punched her in the face... She passed out. He grabbed her by the throat," reads one report. (03/01/2011)
In her stint as a TV news dispatcher, she learned to focus on the rare story at the expense of the big story. (02/25/2011)