Sasha Aslanian Feature Archive

Ten years ago, two people with Minnesota ties tried to thwart the Sept. 11 terrorists. A decade later, their stories point to sharply different views on how America should best respond to terrorism. (09/07/2011)
Fewer Minnesotans have filed for bankruptcy this year compared to last year, mirroring the national trend. (09/02/2011)
An attorney for former Minnesota Viking Joe Senser says the family has turned over a vehicle as part of an investigation into a fatal hit-and-run accident. (09/01/2011)
The head of the region's largest human service provider is stepping down after 24 years. (08/31/2011)
Minnesota's U.S. Attorney B. Todd Jones will take over as acting director of the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco and Firearms, Attorney General Eric Holder announced Tuesday. (08/30/2011)
The Minnesota State Fair always features a buffet of politics, and this year fairgoers have a new issue to chew on: a constitutional vote on marriage. (08/26/2011)
A contentious piece of immigration policy made it into the final budget deal approved last month. E-Verify is back, but with a twist. (08/19/2011)
A ruling on issue-based political advertisements comes in the case of ads that aired before last year's gubernatorial campaign calling for a constitutional vote on marriage. (08/18/2011)
The organization says it will ship nearly 1.4 million meals in the coming weeks. (07/29/2011)
The Falcon Heights city council votes unanimously to establish a domestic partner registry for unmarried same-sex and opposite sex couples who live or work in the community. (07/29/2011)
Crystal and Falcon Heights could join 11 other Minnesota cities that have already given couples, both opposite sex and same sex, a way to have their relationships recognized. (07/25/2011)
The famine in their homeland hit home for a group of young Somalis in south Minneapolis, and they came up with a classically American response: a car wash fundraiser. (07/25/2011)
Fishing licenses are available in Minnesota again, and campgrounds are opening. (07/21/2011)
The United Nations is expected today to declare a famine in parts of southern Somalia, where nearly 3 million Somalis are suffering from acute malnutrition. Minnesota's Somali community and local organizations are responding to what they are calling a dire situation. (07/20/2011)
New census data showing the number of households occupied by same-sex couples rose by 50 percent in Minnesota over the last decade could have lasting effects as the state heads toward a constitutional vote on same-sex marriage in next year's election. (07/14/2011)