Sasha Aslanian Feature Archive

Prostitution has largely migrated from the streets to the Internet, making it difficult for law enforcement to curb illicit behavior. Officials in Minnesota say they're concerned that traffickers in underage prostitutes have gained access to countless customers who browse ads online. A federal office that fights human trafficking recently released the details of a closed case to shed light on how the buying and selling of minors can flourish in Minnesota. (05/30/2012)
Walker Community United Methodist Church was destroyed by fire Sunday night, and wrecking crews tore down what was left of its weakened walls on Monday. Five Methodist congregations and one Jewish synagogue have offered space to the homeless congregation. (05/28/2012)
Gov. Mark Dayton today vetoed a bill to change parenting time in child custody cases by increasing the minimum amount of time each parent would spend with the child from 25 percent to 35 percent. (05/24/2012)
A group of 80 former Catholic priests on Thursday announced their opposition to the constitutional marriage amendment. Also coming forward to oppose the amendment were three retired priests who are still part of the church. (05/17/2012)
More than 50 arts organizations say they oppose a proposed state constitutional amendment that would define marriage as between one man and one woman. (05/14/2012)
Father Dennis Deas, president of the University of St. Thomas, announced plans to retire today. (05/10/2012)
North Carolina's passage of a constitutional amendment that would ban same sex marriage is generating reaction in Minnesota. Voters here will face a similar question on the November ballot. (05/09/2012)
Minnesota law already prohibits gay marriage. But Catholic bishops have made passage of the amendment a top political priority this year, so much so that the Catholic Church is putting a great amount of money and prayer into the effort to pass the marriage amendment. (05/07/2012)
Hennepin County Courts are testing a program to help unmarried mothers and fathers raise and support their children together. The Co-Parent Court is the county's first problem-solving court in the family arena. (05/02/2012)
Republican lawmakers are criticizing Gov. Mark Dayton's veto of an immigration enforcement bill. The bill would have required the state to run names of new state employees through a federal database called E-Verify to check their work authorization in the United States. (04/24/2012)
Minnesota House votes in favor of a bill to change Minnesota's child custody laws. (04/18/2012)
Patients whose Emergency Medical Assistance benefits were cut back earlier this year may have their coverage restored under a settlement reached with the Department of Human Services. (04/17/2012)
Filing federal and state taxes can be complicated for many people. But for Eric and Andrew Ellingsen, tax time was particularly tricky and for the first time in their seven years together, they were able to file a joint tax return. (04/13/2012)
Faculty at one of Minnesota's law schools have voted to oppose a constitutional amendment banning same sex marriage. (04/11/2012)
Opponents of legalized abortion are rallying outside the new headquarters of Planned Parenthood Minnesota in St. Paul. Several hundred people are attending the annual Good Friday protest today, which runs until 4 p.m. (04/06/2012)