Marianne Combs Feature Archive

Minnesota Public Radio's Marianne Combs reflects on growing up a redhead, as Little House on the Prairie - the musical - begins preview performances tomorrow night at the Guthrie Theater. (07/25/2008)
The Walker Art Center is launching a new film series exploring human rights, government secrecy and American culture. It's called "Cinema of Urgency." (07/24/2008)
People are already feeling the pinch when it comes to buying their groceries or gas; how do you get them to give away their money for a new theater or gallery? (07/22/2008)
The Minneapolis Institute of Arts is holding a community meeting with local artists to reassure them their voices are still being heard. (07/18/2008)
A shakeup in leadership at the Southern Theater in Minneapolis has artists who use the space concerned about the future. (07/16/2008)
The world premiere production of "Little House on the Prairie" has blown through box office records at the Guthrie Theater in Minneapolis. (06/30/2008)
The Minneapolis Institute of Arts presents an exhibition by encyclopedic photographer Lee Friedlander. (06/27/2008)
Legendary dancer and occasional actor Mikhail Baryshnikov was in Minneapolis this weekend for the opening of an exhibition of his photography. (06/22/2008)
Minneapolis' Theatre de la Jeune Lune is shutting down. Mounting debts at the internationally acclaimed Tony Award-winning company have led the theater's board to vote to close. (06/22/2008)
A bulletproof umbrella and a book riddled with holes don't seem to have much in common, but they are both part of a new exhibit at the Minneapolis College of Art and Design which explores time and the landscape. (06/18/2008)
New production at the Playwrights' Center in Minneapolis is trying to bring the experience of being online to the stage. (06/13/2008)
Ananya Dance Theater's new dance 'Daak,' or 'Call to Action,' takes a closer look at the land we stand on. (06/12/2008)
A new work by composer Meredith Monk opens tonight at the Walker Art Center. (06/12/2008)
The Bush Foundation is presenting its first Enduring Vision Awards. Three established mid-career artists with $100,000 each. (06/09/2008)
A new exhibition opening at the Walker Art Center in Minneapolis this weekend shows that cheap and simple designs can change, and even save, lives. (05/23/2008)