Marianne Combs Feature Archive

This Sunday people will gather at a Twin Cities chapel to hear the story of Mary, mother of Jesus. It's not a sermon, but a musical concert, by local folk singer Ruth MacKenzie. (12/10/2008)
Soldiers who've experienced the war in Iraq say no matter how many images people see of the conflict, they can never truly understand what it's like. Knowing this, one Minnesota painter is still seeking to get closer to the truth. (11/25/2008)
Thousands of Minnesotans have already learned to live creatively on very little, and have done so for years quite successfully. They're artists and they have some advice to share with the rest of us. (11/19/2008)
The New York-based Wallace Foundation is giving more than $5 million to eight Twin Cities arts organizations. It's part of a multi-city, multi-year project to develop new audiences for the arts. (11/13/2008)
Almost a year after the Minneapolis Institute of Arts hired its new director, Kaywin Feldman, she's filled several open positions, and created some new ones. The hires gave Feldman the opportunity to set a course for the future of the museum, a course aimed at taking it straight into the contemporary art world and into the national limelight. (11/11/2008)
Minnesota voters approved a constitutional amendment Tuesday that will dedicate sales tax funds for outdoors projects and the arts. But environmentalists and artists still have several hurdles to jump before they see any money. (11/06/2008)
Minneapolis photographer Stuart Klipper captures images on film of places most people will never have the chance to see in person. His new book "The Antarctic: From the Circle to the Pole" explores the stark loneliness of the Antarctic landscape. (11/04/2008)
The Minneapolis Institute of Arts has returned an early 20th century painting after determining it was looted by Nazis during the German occupation of France. (10/30/2008)
We've all heard about India as a burgeoning economic power, but what do we really know about its people and its culture? This weekend the Minneapolis Institute of Arts is opening an exhibition of photography and video from the fast-developing country. (10/24/2008)
This weekend the History Theatre in St. Paul will delve into one of the great tempestuous relationships of Minnesota theater history. "Tyrone and Ralph" is about the struggle in the early 1960s between architect Ralph Rapson and Sir Tyrone Guthrie, as they built the Guthrie Theater in Minneapolis. (10/03/2008)
Ornate religious icons never before seen in the United States are now on display at the Museum of Russian Art in Minneapolis. (09/26/2008)
Minnesotans have a chance to see more than 200 treasures from the Vatican in Rome. (09/26/2008)
Many of the Twin Cities theaters, dance companies and music groups are quietly facing a leadership crisis. (09/23/2008)
For centuries, lovelorn souls have written letters addressed to "Juliet, Verona, Italy." They're writing to the heroine of Shakespeare's Romeo and Juliet. A production at the Southern Theater in Minneapolis takes a musical and theatrical look at "The Juliet Letters." (09/11/2008)
The Minneapolis Institute of Arts will exhibit more than 60 works of art from the Louvre museum in Paris next year. (09/09/2008)