Marianne Combs Feature Archive

There's plenty of arts events going on this weekend to distract you from the heat and humidity. Above, The Secret School by Rudy Fig, part of an exhibition this weekend at The Gallery @ FOX TAX in Minneapolis. (08/13/2010)
There have already been a couple of weekends we've declared must be the "biggest" or "best" weekends for the arts in the Twin Cities, but this weekend puts them to shame. (08/06/2010)
The 17th annual Minnesota Fringe Festival pulls up the curtains tomorrow at 15 venues in Minneapolis and St. Paul. Minnesota Public Radio's Arts Unit went to find out what's making this year's "Fringe" unique. (08/04/2010)
Marrianne Combs joins us from MPR's State of the Arts blog for an exploration of arts and culture in Minnesota. (07/13/2010)
Taj Mahal, above will be playing at the Minnesota Zoo Saturday night. Read more and take a look at what else is on tap in the arts world this weekend. (07/09/2010)
A stage production of the children's book "The Stinky Cheese Man and Other Fairly Stupid Tales" is opening this weekend at a theater in St. Paul. (07/07/2010)
Taste of Minnesota is taking over Harriet Island, but the annual festival is not all that's happening this holiday weekend. (07/02/2010)
A lot of people were disappointed when the Icelandic volcano put the kybosh on Alexander McCall Smith's visit to the Twin Cities recently - including the author himself. (06/04/2010)
After nearly 30 years with the company, Minnesota Opera President and CEO Kevin Smith plans to step down. (05/12/2010)
Minnesota Historical Society Director Nina Archabal is retiring after serving in that capacity for 23 years. (04/22/2010)
Carolyn Holbrook, a longtime advocate of arts in education, received special recognition Saturday night at the Minnesota Book Awards, for her contributions to Minnesota's literary community. (04/18/2010)
State of the Arts blogger Marianne Combs paid an homage to record stores on a recent trip to Vintage Music in Minneapolis. There she was treated to a tour, and a lesson on music history, by owner Scott Holthus. (04/16/2010)
A new exhibit of abstract images from Marco Breuer is on display at the Minneapolis Institute of Arts. (02/19/2010)
Tom Stoppard's play "Rock 'n' Roll" is making its regional premiere at Park Square Theatre in St. Paul. The show examines the fall of communism in Czechoslovakia, and the role rock music had in its demise. (01/25/2010)
In the wake of the earthquakes in Haiti, many Twin Cities artists have organized events to raise moeny for relief efforts. (01/21/2010)