Karl Gehrke Feature Archive

A Methodist from Maryland is the champion of a klezmer-inspired work by Osvaldo Golijiov. Clarinetist Todd Palmer talks with Minnesota Public Radio's Karl Gehrke about his ten-year fascination with "The Dreams and Prayers of Isaac the Blind." (04/12/2007)
U.S. colleges and conservatories graduate 3,000 music performance majors each year, but the number of orchestra positions is less than 300. University of Minnesota music students are aware of of the difficulties of finding an orchestra position, they're still willing to work hard and buck the odds. (03/22/2007)
Composer George Tsontakis doesn't care how many orchestras perform his music. He's more interested in having it recorded. The St. Paul Chamber Orchestra is both premiering Tsontakis's latest composition and recording it for an upcoming CD. (03/02/2007)
The acclaimed Twin Cities theater company Theatre de la Jeune Lune has been struggling with artistic and financial difficulties over the past few years. This season the company is hoping to reconfirm its artistic vision and strengthen its audience by revisiting some of its strongest shows. (03/02/2007)
After more than a decade of planning, capped by a month of intensive rehearsing, the creators of the new opera "The Grapes of Wrath" are optimistic. They hope they feel the same way after the Minnesota Opera's premiere on Saturday night. (02/09/2007)
The mystical sounds of a 15th-century choral mass mix with thrashing guitars and crashing drums this weekend at the Walker Art Center. The Walker brings together jazz drummer Bobby Previte with the St. Paul-based Rose Ensemble, a choral group more at home with ethereal medieval chant. (02/02/2007)
Over the past decade, the St. Paul-based new music ensemble Zeitgeist has given amateur composers a rare opportunity to get their music played through an annual contest. This year's winners include a physician, a former history teacher and a high school violinist. (01/25/2007)
No orchestra today equals the feat, but during the 1950s the Minneapolis Symphony sold millions of recordings thanks largely to its conductor, Antal Dorati. (01/11/2007)
The music heard in many Lutheran churches around the Twin Cities is changing as immigrants join congregations. An exhibit at the University of Minnesota explores the diverse music being mixed with the traditional Lutheran liturgy. (12/21/2006)
A leading indicator of the Minnesota Orchestra's interest in new music is its annual Composer Institute, which culminates in a public concert Friday. Behind the effort is the orchestra's resident advocate for contemporary composers, Aaron Jay Kernis. (11/29/2006)
The Schubert Club is preparing to look for a successor to the organization's longtime leader. Bruce Carlson died this past summer and he won't be easy to replace. (11/08/2006)
In its 103-year history, the Minnesota Orchestra never had a woman on its conducting staff...until September when Sarah Hatsuko Hicks became assistant conductor. (11/07/2006)
Pianist Jason Moran has lately drawn inspiration from contemporary art. Music on his latest CD was influenced by what he found at the Walker Art Center. (10/04/2006)
Many artists and educators in Minnesota believe the arts are a good way to enhance a student's education. But with budget concerns and pressure from No Child Left Behind legislation, the arts' importance to kids' development is often overlooked. (09/24/2006)
After six seasons with the Minnesota Orchestra, violinist Angela Fuller is leaving to become one of the youngest concertmasters in the country when she joins the Houston Symphony in September. (08/15/2006)