Phil Picardi Feature Archive

Best Buy is setting up a room for its former founder to look at the details of its financial books. MPR's Phil Picardi spoke with John Reik, who teaches at the Carlson School of Management at the University of Minnesota, about the advantages and disadvantages of taking a company private. (08/28/2012)
Best Buy's second quarter earnings report is not good. A leading Minnesota disease expert says pigs should be kept away from the Minnesota State Fair. Minnesota gets a Supreme Court nominee who could make history. Prosecutors say the St. Paul Police Department's troubled crime lab will get independent review. And President Barack Obama draws a line in the sand over Syria. (08/21/2012)
Today on the Update, we're following the a shakeup in leadership of two large Twin Cities companies, Best Buy and the Carlson Companies. Also, we're reporting on a new trend, more young college graduates signing up for food stamps. Xcel Energy wants to end incentives for solar power and the children of illegal immigrants want deferred deportation. (08/20/2012)
Aug. 17, 1862 is a date that lives in infamy in Minnesota, marking the start of the US-Dakota War. We're covering that, as well as state workers saying they've been wrongly removed from health insurance rolls, the Minnesota State Fair preparing for swine flu, and a live-action game in the Twin Cities suburbs that recreates the attack on Osama bin Laden. (08/17/2012)
On the MPR News Update today, three Minnesota Lynx stars share their Olympic gold medals and thoughts, we look at the state's meager primary election turnout and Al Franken's money-raising prowess, throw some light the proliferation of video security cameras in Duluth, and interview a mysterious American pop singer from the 1970s who was really, really big in South Africa -- but not much of anywhere else. (08/16/2012)
Welcome to the first full day of the state's general election campaign. We're reporting on the results of primary races in the Minnesota Legislature, and in two key congressional districts, and what the results mean looking ahead to November. We're also following the Minneapolis City Council debate over firefighter staffing levels, a shutdown at the Prairie Island nuclear facility, and continuing out look at the impact of budget cuts on rural law enforcement. (08/15/2012)
Today is primary election day in Minnesota, so it's only right on the Update that we're leading with a lot of work on voting, politics, budgets and elections here in Minnesota and out on the campaign trail. We also have a mixed bag of national economic news and good news on Minnesota foreclosures. And there's a commentary on climate change, the drought, and "extreme" rainstorms. (08/14/2012)
We're trying to get at two of of the biggest questions in Minnesota this morning following Mitt Romney's selection of Wisconsin U.S. Rep. Paul Ryan to be his running mate. How will his choice impact the vote here, and what will former Gov. Tim Pawlenty do next, having once again been passed over in the veepstakes? (08/13/2012)
Mother Nature is keeping our attention: We report on a new, large-scale initiative to assess the health of Minnesota's wetlands, as well as Farmfest concerns about the drought's impact on the corn crop. We also take note of how women war veterans are changing the look of VFW posts, and tell the story of a Vietnam War photographer. (08/10/2012)
On today's MPR News Update we're checking into the new federal rules for public school lunches, what to do about the dangerous amoeba in a Stillwater lake, the government not being able to keep your email address secret, and an Austin e-book author moving titles by the trucklod, and more. (08/09/2012)
Today, we report on another child dying after swimming in a Twin Cities area lake, Republicans who have "sticker shock" after seeing the price tag for flood relief, the governor denouncing accusations that he's pill popper as "a lie," and Minneapolitans shake hands and pass the mustard on National Night Out. (08/08/2012)
Minnesota Sikhs know about the prejudice that may have played a part in a mass shooting in Wisconsin. Analysts consider if Richard Schulze's offer is a best buy for Best Buy. And we hear hear about two Minnesotans taking it to the bad guys; one who uses education to try and curb teen gun violence, and a vigilante from long time ago who who eventually became the first superintendent of Yellowstone National Park. (08/07/2012)
Welcome to the MPR News Update, a roundup of Minnesota's news on your schedule. Today, Best Buy founder Richard Schulze makes a play to take the company private, Democrats in northeastern Minnesota try to topple Republican Rep. Chip Cravaack, and a Minnesota scientist talks about getting her hands on data from Sunday night's Mars landing. (08/06/2012)
Dale Carpenter, a Constitutional Law professor at the University of Minnesota Law School, discusses the legal arguments surrounding the naming of proposed constitutional amendments with Morning Edition host Phil Picardi. (07/11/2012)
This year, we are marking the 150th anniversary of the U.S-Dakota War of 1862, one of the most significant and controversal chapters in Minnesota history. It's a challenging subject to tackle, but one that people in Minnesota need to understand. (07/10/2012)