Phil Picardi Feature Archive

Today on the update we put the state's orchestra turmoil in context. A Faribault prep school makes headlines with allegations of sexual abuse. The trial of an accused al-Shabab associate continues in Minneapolis. And in Anoka, a gay youth group is denied a place in the town's annual Halloween parade. (10/10/2012)
Today on your MPR News Update: There's copper in them thar soils. Also, we hear about the dismissal of a St. Paul crime lab case due to inaccurate testing. Some Canadians tell Minnesota to pass the state constitutional ban on same-sex marriage - while others disagree. Safety-net hospitals sound the alarm about reduced government funding. And Jerry Sandusky learns his fate. (10/09/2012)
Today on the Update: Premature talk about hosting the Super Bowl, the latest tussle over voter ID involves the military, Kurt Bills tries to chip away at Amy Klobuchar's voter base, and the Lynx are going to the WNBA finals again. (10/08/2012)
Today we learn that the unemployment rate has recovered to the point it was at when Barack Obama took office, we hear Minnesotans may have been exposed to a dangerous form of meningitis, the trial of a Twin Cities terror suspect continues, and a university professor speaks with us again about his journey with ALS. All that and more on the MPR News Update. (10/05/2012)
Early snow helps wildfire fighters, corn farmers profit in the drought, another shooting victim is laid to rest. And what did you think of last night's presidential debate? There's all that and more on the MPR News Update. (10/04/2012)
The residents of a small town in northwestern Minnesota are back in their homes after fleeing wildfires. The state's tax burden is shifting from homeowners to commercial property owners. And, is requiring a photo ID to step into a voting booth an effort to suppress the votes of minorities? All that and more on today's MPR News Update. (10/03/2012)
Today on the Update, the lieutenant governor skydives, and we have photos. The marriage amendment causes friction in the black community. Norm Coleman has a new power base: money. And apple growers are facing a very tough harvest. (09/26/2012)
Today on the Update: Voter ID opponents wonder why they aren't getting more help from the DFL. Iowans reflect on their experience with same-sex marriage. Minnesotans are coping with receding river water levels. Labor talks at the SPCO are stalled. And Bill Nye, "The Science Guy," wants creationists out of school classrooms. (09/24/2012)
Today on the MPR News Update: Tim Pawlenty won't run for the US Senate anytime soon. The University of North Dakota is pioneering the flight safety of aircraft that don't have pilots in the cockpit. There's more on the local tussle over live classical music. And, the Twin Cities get funky. (09/21/2012)
The latest Census data shows good news -- or is it bad news? -- for Minnesota. Fingerprint evidence at the St. Paul police crime lab adds to a brewing controversy. Former Gov. Tim Pawlenty is now a Washington, D.C. lobbyist. We get an update on the attempts to revive North High School in Minneapolis. And we have a three-part series on the challenges faced by rural healthcare providers. (09/20/2012)
Today on the MPR News Update, Archbishop Nienstedt defends the marriage amendment. The Occupy movement has a beachhead in Little Falls. Minnesotans have a new way to gamble. Lynn Rogers keeps feeding the research bears. And President Barack Obama joins those criticizing Mitt Romney for comments he made in a secretly-recorded video. (09/19/2012)
Minnesota is about to find out if a new way of gambling will really help pay for the Minnesota Vikings' new stadium. Voter ID proponents say they want to stop election fraud, but studies show that such fraud is practically non-existent. A new high school in Rochester is helping non-traditional students get a leg up in medical and technology education. And Mitt Romney is defending his controversial comments about Americans who use government services. All that and more in the MPR News Update. (09/18/2012)
Marriage amendment foes are putting a premium on friendly and compassionate conversation. The fiscal cliff that looms in Congress could put Minnesota's economy through the shredder. Jim Graves is campaigning to not be the fourth Democrat to lose a congressional election against Michele Bachmann. And look at the 150th anniversary of the Battle of Antietam - the single bloodiest day in United States history. (09/17/2012)
Foreign policy forces its way back into the presidential race. We take a longer look at the winners in the competition for a slice of the state's economic development funding pie. Minneapolitans give a little love to thirsty trees. The Twins play safe -- maybe too safe -- with their "It gets better" video. And how is it possible that just a few years removed from an NHL season lost to a lockout that a contract dispute can be skating down that same path? (09/14/2012)
The Saints win their ballpark funding quest. Polling shows the voter ID constitutional amendment with strong support across the state, but how much would it cost or save to implement the change? We look at why the US House voted to swap Boundary Waters land with land in the Superior National Forest. Concordia College cuts its tuition costs. An infamous cold case is cracked. And we have the latest on unrest in the Middle East and its impact on the presidential race. First up: Play ball! (09/13/2012)