Bob Collins Feature Archive

The constant stream of images, though, can desensitize us with the magnitude of the devastation. It can make us turn away. Here are a few that focus on such small items that their impact is huge. (11/12/2013)
The Minnesota Supreme Court today overturned a Court of Appeals ruling that granted a new trial for a St. Paul priest who said religious doctrine was used in his prosecution in violation of the U.S. Constitution. (11/06/2013)
Here are 10 questions based on news events this week. Let's see how well you've paid attention. Please report your score in the comments section. (11/03/2013)
Under Minnesota's "implied consent" law, drivers are considered to have consented to sobriety testing. People can talk to an attorney, but that right can't be used to delay testing until a driver sobers up. (10/23/2013)
Climate change is a scientific fact. Misinformation about those facts -- some of it intentional, some of it not -- has stalled planetary action. What should a news editor do about that? (10/23/2013)
In a speech during the annual Education Minnesota conference last week put Minnesota Teacher of the Year Megan Olivia Hall said "From where I stand, teachers are the last line of defense against the tyranny of the 1 percent." This comment has put her in the line of fire. (10/22/2013)
Jerabek's New Bohemian Bakery suddenly closed both of its Saint Paul locations yesterday. Owners Russell Spangler, Ronda Vincent and John Wills broke the news on Facebook. (10/21/2013)
Maggie Koerth-Baker considers the Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder "epidemic" and writes this week that it's not hard to figure out why nearly 11 percent of children 4-17 have received an ADHD diagnosis. (10/21/2013)
Time is running out for World War II vets to visit their memorial in Washington; they don't have time for the politicians to grow, act like adults, and govern the nation in a responsible way. They barreled through the barricades today. (10/01/2013)
The Minnesota Twins are reportedly taking a step toward assuring there'll be no more of the same old losing at Target Field today by continuing more of the same in the manager's office. (09/30/2013)
The White House will honor Fatima Said of Winona on Thursday as part of its Constitution Week and Citizenship Day observances. Said is executive director for Project FINE, a nonprofit organization that is focused on integrating newcomers through education. She knows what it's like to be a newcomer. (09/18/2013)
Should people who live near the BWCA have a greater say in a proposal to increase mining in the area than people who might visit someday? (09/09/2013)
While the U.S. continues to spend more time prepping kids for standardized testing, Finland has one of the most successful public education systems on the planet, partly because it sends kids out for an hour of play no matter what the weather. (09/04/2013)
There's an obituary today of Annette and Leonard Pupkes of Omaha, who moved to Arden Hills a few months ago to be closer to family. They were married for 63 years. He died first earlier this month; she followed several hours later. (08/30/2013)
The speech is rarely broadcast in its entirety, so many people have never heard it. This would be a good day to hear the speech that was supposed to go only 4 minutes. (08/28/2013)